How Many 'Scream' Episodes Are There? 6 Rules This Thriller Series Needs To Abide By Throughout Its Season 1 Run

There's a great deal of anticipation surrounding MTV's Scream premiere. How much will it be like the original movie franchise? Who will the killer be? (The boyfriend would be too obvious, right?) And, perhaps most importantly, how is this going to possibly work as a TV series? When MTV gave Scream a 10-episode order for the first season, many fans became skeptical that the concept wouldn't translate well to the small screen. I mean, all of the Scream movies put together only added up to roughly eight hours (two hours per movie), and that was over an extensive period of time. Will people grow impatient waiting so long to find out who the psycho slasher is? Right now, only time will tell. But given how different the series seems to be straying from the movies, I'd say the writers know what they're doing.

However, that doesn't mean it still isn't wise to take certain precautions and I've decided that the best way to go about doing that is to create a set of rules the series will need to follow if it hopes to (unlike some of its characters) survive in the ratings department and live to see another season. But in order for that to happen, it will need to follow "The Rules" to the letter. You've got 10 episodes, Scream. Make the most of them.

1. Include At Least One Movie Easter Egg Per Episode

I respect if the series wants to try and establish itself as its own unique entity, but half the reason people are going to want to tune in is because they're hoping to capture a bit of the old franchise throughout the storyline. Don't deprive fans of that. Scream was popular for a reason. Use that popularity to your advantage, at least for the first season.

2. Give Us A Strong Female Character To Root For

Many times in horror movies, women are always portrayed as the helpless victims in need of rescuing. However, Sidney Prescott proved time and time again that a female could be just as badass — if not more so — than any male. Don't betray that concept.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Make It Funny

Yes, Scream was overly cheesy at times, but that's a big part of what made it so great. There are already plenty of serious thrillers out there. Give us something that can both terrify us and make us laugh.

4. Update "The Rules"

Just like with what I'm doing, it's essential that the characters also receive an updated version of the proper horror movie etiquette to abide by. Times have changed in the thriller genre since the '90s and the rules need to reflect as much. (Bonus points if you get a lovable horror movie buff to list them out.)

5. Don't Push The Romance Aspect

As much as everyone loves a new 'shipping pair to root for, don't let that become the main focus of the show. This is a slasher series, after all, which means killing and chase scenes should be its No. 1 priority. And if a few hot hook-ups happen along the way, then so be it.

6. If Possible, Bring In Some Familiar Faces To Guest Star

Now this one isn't solely within the show's hands, given that it would mostly depend on how available the actors are throughout filming. But just imagine if Neve Campbell or Courteney Cox showed up, whether it be to assume their old roles or as brand new characters? Viewers would go crazy for it. If you're looking for a ratings goldmine, my friend, this is it.

Alright, Scream. You know the rules. Now the rest is up to you. Good luck.

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