Was Mona Brainwashed By Charles Against Ali? The 'Pretty Little Liars' Dollhouse May Have Changed Her Forever

Let's face it: everyone who went into Charles' dollhouse on Pretty Little Liars came out a changed person. Now the Liars are back home and re-acclimating to life outside the walls, but there's one person that we have yet to see emerge, and that's Mona. Mona was in the dollhouse for months longer than Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria, and as far as she knew, she was never getting out. A faked Mona's death and turned her into his (or, if Charles truly isn't A, her) personal Ali doll. We don't know much about what happened to Mona in the dollhouse, but we do know that it was pretty much hell the entire time. Could A have also tricked Mona into being his "doll" when she got out of the dollhouse? It wouldn't be the first time that A convinced Mona of something.

We've seen in the sneak peek for this week's episode "She's No Angel" that Mona is still very much afraid of Ali. It's no wonder that Mona feels just a bit guilty — she did help put Ali away for her own murder. But Mona also seems convinced that her enemy is now outside the walls of the dollhouse, and not the A that kept her locked up. Could A have convinced her that Ali was the dangerous one, and that A was merely the one keeping her safe? Watch the preview below.

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If you think that it's impossible for the smart, savvy Mona to fall under A's spell, well, it wouldn't be the first time that happened. Big A gained control over Mona at the end of Season 2, when she went to Radley. Mona had been acting as A and torturing the girls for almost a year before A stole the game from underneath her. From there, Big A was the master and Toby, Mona, and everyone else on the A team were mere puppets. I'm not convinced that this couldn't happen again.

Ali may be a changed person, but Mona never got to know the knew person that she became — that was a side of Ali that was reserved for the liars. There's no one that hates Ali more than Big A, but I'm guessing that if there's a runner-up, that person is Mona — after all, both As systematically tried to take down not only Ali, but her best friends. We know that Mona sought treatment for mental illness, and I wouldn't be surprised if Big A is using this level of instability to manipulate her once again. If that's the case, let's hope she's able to overcome it soon. For more on Charles and the dollhouse, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

Image: ABC Family