Kim K. Reveals Kanye Is A Protective Daddy

With the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby boy, everyone seems to be wondering what the celebrity couple hopes to expect from their bundle of joy. But just because they have another one on the way doesn't mean that Kanye is ready to let his will-be-eldest daughter grow up too fast. In a recent interview with Glamour, Kim Kardashian revealed Kanye is a protective dad.

In her cover story for the June issue of the magazine, Kardashian shared how Kanye most likely won't allow his precious daughter to do any racy photo shoots like her mama's Paper cover photo. Kardashian said that she wouldn't mind North following her footsteps if, "it were done artsy and cool," but she continues to say, "I can't speak for Kanye — he freaks out when she tries on my heels."

Earlier this month, North went to her mom's closet and "put on these Manolo heels of mine and was walking perfectly around my closet," Kardashian explained. "I sent Kanye a video of her; he was like, 'Tell her to stop! She cannot grow up, she cannot wear your heels.'"

Who would've guessed that Yeezy would be such an adorable, protective papa? I wonder if he'll be just as protective to their expected son. Guess we'll just have to wait to find out!

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram