The History Of Sunnies Is Fascinating

It's National Sunglasses Day, which means now is the perfect opportunity to learn a little about the history of sunglasses and truly appreciate your trusty shades, because they're more than just super cute accessories. So put on your favorite pair of sunnies (yes, even if you're indoors — if Anna Wintour does it, so can you) and read on! Whether you're trying to rock the latest trend (Rihanna's Dior sunnies, anyone?), or simply trying to protect your eyes, chances are you're an avid sunglasses wearer.

Summer means a lot of things when it comes to fashion — shorts, florals, and typically less clothing overall. But summer also gives fashion lovers the opportunity to rock one of the best accessories out there: sunglasses. I mean, who doesn't love to throw some shade now and then? And better yet, sunnies are as functional as they are cute.

Let’s face it, sunglasses are probably the easiest way to complete a look, whether you pair some frames with the latest summer hair trends, or simply use a pair of sunnies as your only form of eye makeup (everyone does this on lazy days, right?). Sometimes all you need is a fab pair of sunnies and a handbag to complete a stylish, summer look.

So, in order to celebrate this fantastic holiday, let's have a little history lesson shall we? Here are some interesting facts about your shades, courtesy of Foster Grant.

1. It all began in China

The first known usage of sunglasses dates back to the 1100s in China, where governmental figures, like judges, wore them not for sun protection, but to hide their emotions. In other words, the sunglasses as instant poker face has been around long before Lady Gaga and Anna Wintour rocked the look.

2. Green tinted sunglasses have a purpose

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

In the 18th century, Italians used green-tinted sunnies to help the elderly see better. Perhaps not the reason celebs like Johnny Depp or Bono rock tinted lenses now, but still cool to think that they were invented for a practical reason.

3. Atlantic City played an important role

Jump to 1929, when the first-ever pair of mass-produced sunglasses were sold on the Atlantic City Boardwalk by Sam Foster from the famous frames company, Foster Grant.

4. Hollywood starlets made sunnies popular

After Atlantic City came Hollywood, when, by the 1960s, stars made sunglasses a definite wardrobe staple.

5. Sunnies Today

As we all know, sunglasses have become basically a wardrobe staple. Next time you put on a pair of shades, take some time to appreciate the importance (as well as fun) of sunnies. And let's face it, sunglasses are way useful, beyond just hiding your eyes from the sun, whether you're putting them on...

or taking them off.

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