Songs Perfect For Making A Badass Entrance To

by Jennifer Still

Listen, we're all friends here, and that means we can be honest with each other, right? This is a safe space, so we should be able to admit that there are times we sit around imagining making an incredible entrance to some crowded room somewhere, your hair blowing in the wind of some invisible fan as you toss the fur coat hanging over your shoulder to a nearby butler. The crowd would stare, open-mouthed at your amazingness, and some kickass song or another would be blasting in the background, providing the soundtrack to our incredible moment of badassery. Maybe this fantasy is borne of hearing a track that would be perfect for such a moment, or maybe you're just naturally a queen that thinks about these things. I wouldn't blame you either way. The point is, it's a really excellent fantasy to have, and we should all be prepared in case it ever actually comes to pass.

The point is, it never hurts to be ready for an amazing opportunity to show off how sexy and powerful you are via song, and while you probably already have your own playlist for such an occasion, I'm happy to offer a few more suggestions. You can never have too many, right?

"Flawless" — Beyoncé

Was there ever any question that "Flawless" was a must-have on a list like this? It's the most obviously fierce song by the hottest queen in the game. Teach me your ways, Bey! I need to know!

"Worth It" — Fifth Harmony Featuring Kid Ink

I keep hearing this song on the radio, and every time those horns start, I feel like I'm ready to strut down a catwalk and basically make everyone feel completely inferior (but, you know, not in an awful way) with my sheer command of the room. YES to this song.

"Talk That Talk" — Rihanna Featuring Jay Z

You could basically put any Rihanna song on a playlist like this and be good to go, but "Talk That Talk" has a little something extra special to it that makes me want to throw a bunch of money in the air and watch it fall in slow motion, as only RiRi could.

"Dark Horse" — Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J

"Dark Horse" is a bit of an sleeper in this category; it's moody and a little funky, but it's really good if you're looking for a track that's a bit more evenly paced. You can slow down your walk in and maybe even choreograph some moves to go along with your fierce walk.

"Worst Behavior" — Drake

I love Drake, so I had to put him in here, particularly because "Worst Behaviour" (that Canadian spelling, though!) is the perfect song to put on your finest jewelry for as you strut your stuff in a confident — but totally not arrogant — way.

"Problem" — Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea

I don't know about you, but I can recognize a killer tune when I hear one — and "Problem" is one of them. Again with the horns! You need the highest heels for this one, and probably some deep red lipstick, too.

"Suit & Tie" — Justin Timberlake

If you're in a relationship and want a double whammy, make an entrance with your significant other to this one. It's classy yet still sassy and all the heads will turn when you walk in, I promise.