Amy Poehler Has Great Advice For Aspiring Comedians & It's Just One Of The Many Times She's Inspired Us All

I honestly have never met a living human being who doesn't totally love Amy Poehler — and rightfully so. How could anyone not be completely in awe of and inspired by her? She's incredibly talented, hilarious, hard-working, smart, charitable... I mean, need I go on? I don't think so, but I will: she's amazing! And the star continued to prove her amazingness on Friday, when Poehler, at the Upright Citizens Brigade's Del Close Marathon in New York City, dispensed some valuable advice to up-and-coming comedians hoping to emulate her own success in Hollywood. Spoiler alert: it's far from easy, and it's definitely not about money, so you'd better be in it for the right reasons.

"If the goal is doing good stuff and working with your friends… if you're doing that then you're succeeding. If the goal is to be famous and make money — then you're in real trouble," Poehler told the rapt crowd. "It happens rarely and when that is your goal — being famous and making money — then you're not paying attention to the things that will make you money."

It's good advice, and it's not the first time Poehler has been so outspoken and motivational at the same time. In case you need a refresher, here are some of the comedian's best, most inspiring moments (though there are far too many to be condensed into a single post, really):

1. When She Praised The Idea Of Being "Bossy"

So often, when women are outspoken and straightforward about what they want and how they go about getting it, they get tagged with the term "bossy," which to many has a bad connotation. Not to Amy! In a 2011 interview with Glamour, Poehler said she loves the word and the meaning behind it. "To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading, like, 'All right, everybody, now we go over here. All right, now this happens.'"

2. When She Gave A Commencement Speech At Harvard College Class Day

I hesitate to give too much away about Poehler's Commencement speech at Harvard from 2011 because it would spoil its genius. You just need to press play, sit back, and be inspired. I promise you'll be glad you did. No one is more convincing about the need to open your heart to the world and use it well than Poehler, and by the end of the video, you'll want to go out and start a revolution.

3. When She Encouraged Us To Stop Caring What Anyone Else Thinks

At the end of the day, does it really matter what anyone thinks about you or your life besides the people who are in it? I don't think so, and neither does Poehler. Her entire memoir, Yes Please , is full of inspirational tidbits, but the part that really resonated with me was when she pointed out the fact that most people aren't even paying attention to what we're doing, so why are we so hung up on it?

4. When She Didn't Take Herself Too Seriously

You could argue that Poehler never takes herself too seriously, and that's true, but keeping such a good head on your shoulders has to be incredibly hard in Hollywood, especially when it comes to not stressing about your looks. "If you are lucky, there is a moment in your life when you have some say as to what your currency is going to be. I decided early on it was not going to be my looks," she revealed in an interview with The Guardian. "I have spent a lifetime coming to terms with this idea and I would say I am about 15% to 20% there… Believe me, blond hair can take you really far, especially with the older men. It can really distract from the face."

5. When She Made The Entire "Ask Amy" Series

As part of the incredibly wonderful Amy Poehler's Smart Girls YouTube channel, Poehler did a series called "Ask Amy," in which she took on questions sent in by young girls and dispensed her wisdom on topics like body image, love, emotions, and more. Every single video made me want to cry with how thoughtful and sincere it was, and no doubt the advice she provided in the videos was something we can ALL learn from, even as adults.

6. When She Was Basically The Only Life Coach We'll Ever Need

I mean, need I say any more? I don't think so. One person shouldn't be allowed to be this inspirational, but here's Amy Poehler for you, being the absolute best.

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