Maddie's 'PLL' Role Sounds Amazing

Even though Pretty Little Liars doesn't return until June, fans of the ABC Family drama are already going nuts over what Season 6 is bringing to the table, including all the craziness surrounding Big "A," aka Charles DiLaurentis. Well, avid followers of the show have another thing to theorize about, like the fact that Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler is coming to PLL. So, who is Zielger playing? There aren't a ton of details, but the tidbits revealed about her role sound amazing.

On Monday, based on Instagram photos Troian Bellisario and Ashely Benson took with Ziegler, many assumed the reality star and amazing dancer would soon be featured on PLL. At the time, nothing was official, that is until MTV News confirmed everyone's suspicions on Tuesday. The outlet reported that Ziegler's unnamed character will come in contact with Spencer in a "really creepy way." According to MTV News, Ziegler's performance is slated for July. However, IMDb has Ziegler credited for a June 30 episode titled "She's No Angel." Whatever the case, the dancer is coming to PLL!

The amazingness doesn't stop there, as So You Think You Can Dance alum Travis Wall also played a hand in Ziegler's episode. Per MTV News, the episode will feature "a nightmare-inducing dance routine." Who else is excited to see how that factors into an episode? On Instagram, Wall described the dance sequence as "cool and terrifying."

With that said, who is Ziegler playing? Well, based on the photos it looks like she and Spencer are at Radley or trapped somewhere really creepy and dirty. As for why she is with Spencer, maybe the youngest Hastings sister is losing her mind again, or worse, addicted to pills, and that's why she comes in contact with Ziegler's character in a "really creepy way." She could be imagining Ziegler's character and that's where the "nightmare-inducing dance routine" comes into play. If that isn't the case, maybe Spencer is just having a nightmare because of Charles. Maybe she just can't handle the truth that Charles might be her other half-brother. Or, if I really want to throw out a far out there theory: what if Ziegler is playing the younger version of Spencer? Wouldn't that be insane?

Whoever she's playing, I have a feeling her episode is going to bring PLL to another level — and I can't wait. For more theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.