Pit Bull Is BFFs With Adorable Baby Turkeys

Unlikely friendships are proof that magic is real. Not the kind of magic that entails playing card tricks or having insanely cool rainbow hair; the real kind of magic, where two souls can join together in a harmonious existence, especially one that isn't immediately obvious. This pit bull playing with baby turkeys is proof that that kind of magic is real.

It's such a bummer pit bulls are stereotyped as dangerous and generally not the best dogs to adopt. If a pup up for adoption has even a little bit of pit mixed in (which, to be real, is almost definitely inevitable), they're way less likely to be picked. Apartment complexes have restrictions against pit bulls. So do dog parks and beaches and other public arenas where other dogs are free to play and live out their doggy freedoms.

This pit, however, proves the muscly breed's less publicized sensitive side. The cutie enters a pin of baby turkeys and the camaraderie is immediately apparent. She has a gentle approach, putzing around and being patient with all the little babies hopping aboard her back. It's really, tremendously sweet. I've heard of dogs being less charming or sensitive when put in contact with tiny fowl, but that's so not the case with this pit bull and her turkey pals:

The way she just freezes when the first turkey hops on her back is everything. Watch as others join:

It's also pretty amazing to watch the complete absence of fear in the fowl. Animals are remarkably perceptive, and this instance is not exception. See the whole adorable interaction below:

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Yo, this is in Georgia. Meaning, I can go there and see this friendship IRL. Meaning, I am going. For sure. Also, I appreciate the Wizard Of Oz nod in the broadcast.

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Oh. Em. Gee.

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I NEED THIS BABY LAMB IN MY LIFE. And yes, fine, its puppy guardian is also welcome in my one-bedroom apartment.

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Listen, don't take it personally, but I'm gonna have to go ahead and cut the list off here to prevent cuteness overload. I hope you understand because gawww.

Images: YouTube(3)