11 Amazing Rainbow Hairstyle Roundup

by Courtney Mina

As the rainbow hair trend continues, people everywhere are embracing heads of bright, multi-colored locks. Having rainbow hair just so happens is the perfect way to show your support for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage to be legal nationwide.

Nineteen countries have approved the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, so it should be a no-brainer that the United States would also follow-suit in regards to approving something that is so blatantly a human right. It's time to celebrate good times (come on!) you guys, because the U.S. Supreme court has ruled on the favor of progress.

This is huge (not to mention amazing) news for all of us (and especially for the The LGBTQ community) as we all deserve the rights, as human beings, to marry and commit ourselves to whomever we love, no matter our sex, gender or identity: we have the right to love who we want to. I believe that, considering "Church" and "State" are separate, there shouldn't be any reason for same-sex marriage not to be supported by the United States government nationwide. Rest easy, all my fellow same-sex supporters, for now is a time for us to rejoice in the progress we've made in obtaining our human rights. To celebrate this joyous occasion, many are wearing rainbow bracelets, flying rainbow flags, or wearing rainbow clothing, so let's have a roundup of 11 amazing rainbow hairstyles to celebrate and honor same-sex marriage.

1. Lisa Frank Inspired

We all loved Lisa Frank when we were young, but has that love ever faded away? Probably not. Which is why I am loving this faded, beautifully-blended "Lisa Frank" inspired rainbow hair.

2. Constant Rainbow

Having rainbow hair is not only fun and gorgeous (of course), but it's also a lot of work and up-keep. Which is why these glorious colored-locks are even more amazing on this perpetually rainbow-haired babe.

3. Rainbow Braid

As if rainbow hair on it's own wasn't pretty enough, this bottom-up French braid just accentuates the colorful glory.

4. Rainbow Pride

We all know that fashion is used to express ourselves and to make a statement, and I love rainbow hair as a way to express your sexuality. LGBTQ pride!

5. Just The Bangs

I adore this idea of dyeing just the bangs. Take a look at that fabulous rainbow fringe!

6. Rainbow Magic

One can almost get lost in this beautiful masterpiece. All the different colors of the rainbow, some bright, some pastel, all twisted and braided into a crown that wraps around the entire head. This is absolute hair magic.

7. Bright Guy

Women are quick to take to the loveliness of rainbow hair, sure — but it's a lot more rare to find men sporting the look. So how amazing is it to see a guy flaunting his own unicorn hair? Love. It.

8. Rainbow Bright

This bright, gorgeous, ombré rainbow hair is just simply stunning. Mermaid, unicorn, and fairy are all magical creatures that come to mind when looking at these lovely locks.

9. Color Shock

As in, I'm completely shocked by how beautifully done this rainbow hair is. The placing and blending of the colors, the way the hair sweeps like rainbow waves... just gorgeous.

10. Colors of the Wind

This hair was definitely painted with all the colors of the wind (whatever they are) as it's a beautiful, abstract take on rainbow colored hair.

11. Rainbow Rows

These rainbow colored cornrows are giving me life. Such a gorgeous touch to an already killer hairstyle.

Images: filliehfamousofficial_ /Instagram