Groom Cries Seeing His Bride, And So Will You

I've been to a bajillion weddings, but only at the most recent one did I finally understand why the bride and groom's attendees sit in such a way. Assuming you're close to one of the two, the arrangement allows for a really amazing view. You get to see the huge love another person has for this person you care about. It's so life-affirming and borderline makes me believe love is real—especially when I see a cute groom's reaction to seeing his bride.

Remember, marriage is supposed to be for the long haul. That's the idea. Weddings, ergo, should be a highly ecstatic affair. If nothing else, it seems like a lovely relief after months—possibly years—of planning. I have never personally planned or had a wedding, but I've helped with plenty of friends, and even the peripheral headache can get pretty tremendous. I cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of experiencing that firsthand. But! It's your wedding, and society leads us to believe that's one of the most important days of your life, so shouldn't everything be as perfect as possible? Material stuff aside, weddings should be celebrations of finding and trapping true love. Catching a little physical, visual evidence of that glee on the faces of these grooms is such a downright delight.

Ahh! He can barely even! See the whole reaction below:

The pass off! The eye contact! Everything! See some other cuties below:

The can't-plan-for-it

Even though this encounter is plainly posed (that's what the demanding photographer is doing, posing), it still maintains some authenticity and sweetness.

The emotional crier

As a strong emotional crier myself, I can relate. It's not like tears flow only during sad times. They happen during happy times, excited times, hungry times, watching-a-heavy-episode-of-OITNB times. All the time, really. So I especially get this guy. And he is just way too adorable about it all.

The permanent grins

Again, clearly orchestrated for photos, but those dopey in-love looks are very real.

Images: YouTube(2)