Taylor & Calvin's Dates Predict Their Future

by Lisa Fogarty

It would be silly and presumptuous of me to declare that the love or like or lust or whatever it is that's brewing between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris is going to lead up to something serious. Something sacred. Something involving Swift wearing an ivory floral appliqué lace strapless wedding gown designed by Naeem Khan (not that I've thought much about it but, Taylor, you would be an absolute vision in this dress). Swift, 25, and her 31-year-old DJ/music producer Scottish boyfriend have been an item for a few months and have done a rather excellent job at concealing most of their dating activity — either that or their hectic schedules prevent them from going on as many public dates as I'd like.

Either way, the dates that have been captured in photos or reported about are indicative of a rather sweet future together precisely because they are surprisingly normal, down-to-earth, and lovely. Swift herself is so grounded — what with her constant interactions with fans and goofy Instagram videos and photos — that it's easy to forget what you've essentially got here are two millionaires who could just as well choose to spend their date nights hobnobbing with Queen Bey and Jay Z and dashing off to Brunei in a private jet just because they can. Maybe that's exactly what they're doing when nobody is watching, but the Swift/Harris dates that are out there for public consumption are unpretentious and speak volumes about this couple's future potential. There. I said it. My crystal ball sees Naeem Khan.

They Hang Out With Taylor's Cats

To truly love and appreciate Swift, you have to be willing to get down with her two cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson. Harris dedicated precious Instagram space to his GF's beloved kitties, proving he's putting in the effort to also love those sweet animals she holds dear to her heart. And it's working! They're acknowledging his presence!

They Choose Pizza Over Five-Star Restaurants

In late May, Swift and Harris visited L'Asso pizzeria in New York City, where sources say they shared gluten-free slices, held hands, and laughed and talked all night long. First of all, it's adorable that she is showing her man her favorite spots in her adopted town; and second, the fact that they value an intimate setting where they can enjoy a fuss-free meal and keep the focus on their conversation and getting better acquainted shows their hearts are in the right places.

They Glide Through Life Together

Technically, yes, this is the number one most popular swan in the world, spotted in the pools of every Kardashian and billionaire from Greenwich to Newport Beach. But Swift and Harris are poking fun at their awesomeness and the fact that they happen to have a free day to do nothing but drift around in an inflatable pool toy. They are aware of their ludicrous fortune and aren't taking it for granted. Therefore, they continue to be awesome.

They Bond Over Country Music

The world first became aware of a possible relationship between these two adorable people when they attended the Kenny Chesney concert together in Nashville back in late March. Swift made an on-stage appearance, but all anyone could talk about was her public hand holding and PDA with Harris. About a week later, they attended another concert at The Troubadour in Los Angeles — wearing matching black leather jackets. It helps to share common interests with your spouse, and these two could probably talk a blue streak about artists and their own performances. Perfect.

They Explore Swift's Roots

While in Tennessee (Swift moved to Nashville from Pennsylvania when she was a teen) for the Chesney concert, Swift and Harris reportedly enjoyed a park date at the incredibly romantic and picturesque Radnor Lake State Park. The bridge in that photo? Ideal place to get engaged.

They Shop At Whole Foods

This photo, snapped by a fan who spotted the two stars as they shopped for food in Nashville, proves they have zero problem being at home with one another. They're already comfortable enough to forego fancy nights out in favor of healthy cooking dates at home.

They Double Date — With Her Ex

Hands down: this is the only date you need to know about to be able to say with confidence that Swift and Harris are ready for a life with each other. Who in the hell would willingly share a romantic evening with a guy who broke her heart just years before? Only a woman who is over the past and ready for a new and exciting commitment. Swift and Harris joined Joe Jonas, whom she dated in 2008, his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, and BFF Karlie Kloss for a sunset boat ride down the Thames River in London.

And to think: summer is just beginning. Their dates will only get better (and more telling) as the months go by.