Women Who Fake Orgasms May Have Bigger Problems

Bad news, guys: If you're with a woman who fakes it, you're likely headed for relationship trouble — and not solely because you may suck in the sack. A new study from the Archives of Human Behavior finds that women who frequently fake orgasms are also more likely to cheat on their relationship partners.

Researchers questioned more than 250 men and women about their relationships and sex lives. Orgasm frequency and intensity were not an indication of a woman's likelihood to cheat. But the researches found that faked orgasms were positively linked to past, present and future infidelity. And the more frequently a woman faked it, the more likely she was to cheat.

Makes sense? Dishonest during sex, dishonest about sex with other people. It fits with the conventional wisdom that people who lie about little things are more likely to lie about big things, too. Alternately, maybe the explanation lies in bad sex. Women not getting what they need from significant others could be more likely to fake orgasms and to seek sex elsewhere.

Overall, nearly one-fifth of women in the study said they had faked orgasms, compared to about five percent of men who said they had done so — maybe because it's a littttle more tricky for a guy to convincingly fake an orgasm? Cause of the...well, you know. Interestingly, men whose girlfriends orgasmed regularly were both more satisfied with their relationships and less likely to cheat — a finding that suggests female "orgasmic signaling" evolved as a way to keep a mate, researchers say.