Proof That All Dogs Are Heroes Waiting To Happen

Of all the Internet dogs, in all the world, we've found the silliest category by far. The fact is, we've branched out a lot online. There aren't just dogs of Instagram anymore. Now there's fancy dogs of Instagram, who literally boast better lives than all of us. There is also "hot dudes with dogs," which is awesome in a very self-explanatory kind of way. Those are both accounts that brighten up your day, but don't necessarily make you feel better about yourself. You know what will make you feel better about yourself? Dogs who think they're saving their owners from drowning. We're about to line those videos and gifs up for you, and I assure you they will make you feel like an exceptionally functional human being.

Let me be clear: The dogs' owners are not actually drowning. The owners are fine. The owners are either vivacious, fit, perfectly strong swimmers, or are adorable children with life jackets and parental supervision. The dogs just see their owners in the water, underwater, or diving into water, and these poor pups assume the worst. And they panic and automatically turn into puppy superheroes. While I’m not crazy about any of the owners who faked drowning just to see their dogs save them, I am fully in support of each and every one of these pup-superstars.

Here are 7 dogs who think they're saving their owners from drowning:

1. A girl was just trying to learn to water ski

That can't have made the operation any safer.

2. A guy just dipped underwater in a pond

3. This kid pretends to be drowning for reasons unknown, his golden retriever instinctively saves him

But, like, why?

4. These girls egg their German Shepard on by pretending to drown

What is this? A swimming drill for their dog? Not my style.

5. Puppies have a panic attack when their owner goes under water

They're heartwarming. I'd like to take them both home with me.

6. Dog goes into rescue mode after his owner jumps into a lake

Can cats be this loyal? No. This is why dogs are our best friends.

7. Dog rescues kid (even though the kid is wearing a life jacket)

He's trained for this.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur(3)