Which 'Full House' Kid Was The Best Vacationer?

by Kelsie Gibson

Out of the all the other sitcoms of the '90s, none could quite compare to the beloved classic Full House . Nobody did family fun like the Tanner household, especially when it came to taking a family trip. Seriously, who didn't want to join them when they went to Disney World or Hawaii? Even with a van full of little children, they were always able to make the best of their trip and have a great time together, even if it the fun part didn't come in until the end of the episode. Yes, nothing quite tops a Tanner family vacation, but just who out of the bunch would make the best vacation partner?

Aside from the classic theme song and important life lessons, one of the great things about the show is that it is full of many different and interesting characters. From overbearing Danny to adorable Michelle, everyone has their own quirks about them, but just how would those quirks play out when you have to spend a whole entire vacation with that person? Would you rather have Danny plan out your every minute on a handy dandy clipboard, or would you rather have cute, but not always helpful Michelle by your side?

Luckily, I've done all the work for you:

10. Nicky & Alex

On the bottom of the totem pole are the twins. Sure, they are cute, but they get into a lot of trouble for two little toddlers. Who wants to put up with that the entire vacation?

9. Kimmy

Since she doesn't put too much effort into her homework, I imagine the same would go for planning a vacation. While it might be nice to have someone who just goes with the flow, do you really want to put up with her stinky feet and loud touristy outfits?

8. Steve

Steve is a pretty cool guy, but he would probably break the bank with the amount of food he eats. Good thing he's cute.

7. Stephanie

You definitely wouldn't have a dull moment with perky Stephanie. Although you will have to be careful what you say around her, as she's not very good at keeping secrets. Make sure you hide your journal in a very safe place.

6. Michelle

I guess this really depends on whether you're talking about baby Michelle or preteen Michelle. Young Michelle would probably follow you everywhere, and agree to do whatever you want, whereas older Michelle might be a bit of a know-it-all, and try to take charge.

5. Danny

With Danny, you would definitely get things done. If you're all about seeing the sights and squeezing in everything you can, Mr. Tanner is the sure bet. But, if you're all about relaxing on the beach and doing nothing at all, you should probably stay clear of Danny and his Clipboard of Fun.

4. Joey

As the "fun" uncle, you would certainly have lots of laughs with Joey. He can also be pretty helpful if needed. The real question, though, is can you handle his constant impersonations and cheesy jokes?

3. Jesse

You would definitely have a swell time with this cool uncle. Just make sure you don't go anywhere that is an Elvis Presley landmark, because you'll never hear the end of it. Then again, who doesn't want to be serenaded with that beautiful voice?

2. D.J.

As the oldest child, DJ is a great mix of all the Tanner girls. She is level headed, but she still knows how to have a good time. Although she might miss her boyfriend Steve every now and then, she is a great person to vacay with.

1. Becky

Becky is the typical mom of the group, but she can also be your best gal pal when you need her. She is the perfect mix of sensitive and sarcastic, which means she'll make you laugh, but she'll also listen to you when you cry. You might have to eat out a lot, though, because she's not the best cook.

Still, even if a Full House character isn't the best person to vacation with, that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to go on a vacation with them anyway. I mean, most of my vacations would be taken with Uncle Jesse no matter where I'm going, simply because I love him so much.

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