6 Vacation Tips Inspired By 'Full House'

It's official: summer is actually here. I'm looking forward to three months of homemade sangria, outdoor concerts, and trying to pull off a romper. Also, vacation! Summer gives me wanderlust — possibly because New York transforms into a Fury Road-esque hellscape of boiling asphalt and hot garbage smell, but also because the special getaway episodes of my favorite sitcoms come dancing into my head. And everybody knows that Full House did vacation episodes better than any of its peers.

Whenever the Tanner family temporarily left the hills of San Francisco behind, I was especially excited for my weekly date with ABC's TGIF line-up. Those episodes meant fun new locales, a themed wardrobe of some kind, and of course, some valuable lessons about being a part of a family. As an adult with my own Orbitz account, I now look back on those episodes for helpful travel tips. Why not follow in the footsteps of the coolest/dorkiest TV family there is?

So, I've put together this list of helpful travel hints that I learned from the gang over at Full House. Hopefully, they'll help you wring the maximum amount of fun out of your summer vacation.

1. Sometimes You Have To Splurge

It's mind-boggling to estimate how much it must have cost to get that entire extended family to Disney World. But, as long as you're not maxing out credit cards to pay for something you can't afford, a "treat-yo-self" vacation can be just the thing to keep you going through the rest of the year.

2. Beware Of Falling Coconuts

Island hazard.

3. Get Outside Of Yourself, Take A Risk

Especially if you're going somewhere where nobody knows you. Now's the time to be the person you wish you were. Try new food, get on stage at karaoke, talk to strangers. Maybe that sense of adventure will bleed into your daily life.

4. Be Prepared For Your "Girls Only" Trip To Be Infiltrated By Dudes

It never fails. All your friends who moan and complain about never being able to meet a nice guy will meet all of them, but only when you've collectively sworn them off for the week. The same thing happens to Danny when he tries to corral Jesse and Joey onto a boys fishing trip. Rosanna shows up to seduce Jesse and brings some friends along to hang out with the other guys. It's not exactly a tragedy, but just be ready to roll with the punches here.

5. Any Romantic Gesture You Make Will Be 10 Times More Effective

Escaping your daily routine can shake some romance loose for even the most lived-in couple. Take a cue from Uncle Jesse and work a grand gesture into your vacation plans.

6. Respect The Local Wildlife

And don't do whatever it is that Joey is doing here.

Thanks for the travel tips, Full House! Here's hoping that the first season of Fuller House will give us even more.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; flashback-to-the-90s/Tumblr