Tarzan From 'Magic Mike' Looks So Different IRL!

I assume we've all been preparing for the imminent release of Magic Mike XXL on July 1 the same way — by endlessly rewatching the original Magic Mike, and if that's true, you're probably wondering what the guy who plays Tarzan in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL looks like in real life. That may sound super specific, but bear in mind that this has come after repeated watchings, so you've already had time to wonder how it is possible for Channing Tatum to dance like that, where you can find a set of abs like the ones on any of the dudes onstage, and why you don't get invited to more bachelorette parties where this sort of classy stripping goes down. You've cleared your mind of all those wonders, and now you're free to let your mind rove over who this guy Tarzan is. He was in the first movie, as one of the main strippers, and he's in the second one too, so it's a worthwhile cause.

In the movie, he has a flowing, dark brown mullet and a goatee, and part of me wished that he looked the same exact way in real life, because what a majestic way to move about the world. But just like the Downton Abbey actors who must ultimately shed their corsets and aprons to dress like real people living in 2015, so too must Kevin Nash, the actor who plays Tarzan, shed his glorious mullet and Mickey Rourke-looking face and return to normalcy looking like this:

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Quite a silver fox, no? I was expecting to be inconsolable over the loss of that head of hair, but this cropped salt and pepper situation is somehow just as intriguing. Nash looks so precisely like what he is — a former college basketball player and pro wrestler who currently resides in Florida — that I'm not even disappointed at how different he looks from Tarzan. Buttttt if you're looking for a happy medium between Magic Mike's Tarzan and real life's dapper dandy, may I interest you in Wizard Wrestler Kevin Nash?

OH HELL YES. Nash debuted as a professional wrestler in 1990 and has been working steadily ever since, so he's had years to run the full gamut, appearance-wise. In fact, a couple times he actually gets pretty close to a full-on Tarzan look. Close enough that I'm wondering if the Magic Mike writers based the character off of Nash himself. Take a look:

That's a whole lotta look for one man, and obviously I'll have to wait to see the sequel to say for sure, but I'm pretty sure that mullet or no, Tarzan or Nash, this dude can still get it.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Getty Images