7 Snail Mail Inspired Fashion Items To Pay Homage To The Humble Handwritten Letter

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Do you ever miss writing and receiving handwritten mail? Well, now you can pay homage to the humble letter with snail mail fashion. When I was a child I had a French pen pal and whenever I heard my letterbox flap to signal the mailman had been, I would eagerly rush downstairs to see if I had a letter from my friend.

That's the thing about snail mail: You had to put so much love and effort into each letter that it appeared to be truly sent from the heart. In comparison, emails are usually a couple of hurried sentences, often misspelled in haste, and strung together between sips of coffee on your lunch break.

So let's give some kudos to the mailman and mailwomen of the world and wear our love letters on our sleeves with snail mail style.

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