Misty Copeland: Dancer And Fashion Icon

by Dana Reszutek

One of America's favorite dancers, Misty Copeland, was named principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater on Tuesday, making her the first black female principal dancer ever in the company's history (yes, really). It's about time! Copeland has been on everyone's radar since her appearance on the yearly TIME 100 list, after which she became an inspiration to basically everyone due to her talent and poise.

But Copeland hasn't just been kicking butt on stage — the dancer has a fierce campaign with Under Armour, and has been popping up on red carpets for quite some time. And when it comes to style, Copeland works the paparazzi just as easily as any other star. The dancer seems to be able to rock every kind of outfit, whether it's a frame-hugging white dress, or a dramatic skirt. But she really stand out in terms of her hair — Copeland's most-worn style is (surprise, surprise), a ballerina bun! Simply chic.

Copeland gives you just another reason to channel your inner ballerina, and with these red carpet looks, I know I'm definitely excited to see what else is in store for the dancer. Let's take a look at some of her fiercest red carpet moments in celebration of her new title and in anticipation of many other fabulous appearances.

The Elegant One-Shoulder Look

Copeland's look here is classic red carpet — a fitted, chic silhouette with a unique detailing. This time, it's the metallic collar that shows off her elegant ballerina body.

The White and Metallic Fitted Dress

The ballerina totally rocked Herve Leger's classic bandage dress at this year's Tony Awards. Embellished with a metallic detail, the look definitely shined on the red carpet.

The Simple Silhouette

Not every red carpet look needs to be extravagant and for this outfit, Copeland kept it simple with a white, high-neck dress.

The Dramatic Flare


This is definitely one of my favorite Copeland looks. The dancer shined in an elegant, full skirt, paired with a black crop top that made this outfit the definition of sophisticated.

The Risqué Cut-Outs

Copeland showed off her athletic shoulders in this look, complete with criss-cross cut outs for a daring look.

And just to remind you (in case you forgot) of the pure strength and beauty Copeland has, you should probably check out this picture of her casually floating midair and showing off her gorgeous, athletic legs.

Just. Wow.

Images: mistyonpointe/Instagram (2), bcfreshmaninstitute/Instagram, kimhaledance/Instagram, sbfproject/Instagram, Getty Images