On 'Zoo' Jackson Oz's Father's Theory Is Proven True & Animals Are Hunting Humans, So Let's All Maybe Never Leave The House Again

The series premiere of CBS's Zoo is kicking things off with some bad news, and the hits just keep coming. All over the world bizarre animal attacks are occurring, killing a ridiculously high number of people. There have been nine attacks by lions that were totally unprovoked and no one can figure out what's got them so upset. Worse yet, neighborhood cats everywhere have gone missing. This carnage has news reporter (and blogger) Jamie Campbell (House of Cards' Kristen Connolly) positive it's a conspiracy, and she's enlisted at veterinarian to help investigate. Turns out, she's not wrong.

Over in Africa we meet zoologist Jackson Oz who is starting to suspect that the animals are using a bit more cognitive function then we'd like. His father had a theory about "the defiant pupil". As in, a mutation of pupil in the animals eye that gives them some sort of enhanced ability (animal super powers? It's not totally clear yet). Unfortunately for everyone on a safari, the theory is proving true: animals are getting smarter and are going to war against humans. The animals are all starting to act uncharacteristically, hunting to kill rather than just to eat or feed their young. At one point there is a human vs. three lions stand off that looked straight out of Jurassic World, they are basically hunting like engineered dinosaurs. The terrifying chases made even more scary knowing that those are actual lions crawling all over the cars. (Sidenote: per CBS no animals were harmed in the making of Zoo).

So we know that the animals are getting smarter, and coordinating attacks somehow. Even the house cats are in on it, forming a pack right outside a day care, ready to get their hunt on. We haven't seen them fully wage war yet but according to Oz's theory this is just a matter of time. Essentially, everyone is in a whole lot of trouble unless they figure out how to fix this pupil problem, and fast. Because really, having a pack of lions working with a grip of bears is basically all of our worst nightmares, come to life.

Images: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/CBS; corycideswrites/Tumblr