Real 'Friends'-Inspired Summer Recipes

It's common knowledge that the absolute best part of any summer is the food. There are ballpark hot dogs and ice cream trucks and fresh watermelons and — if you're me — sangria at every meal. I'm salivating just thinking about it. There are almost too many amazing warm-weather treats to choose from. But never fear: if there's one sitcom ensemble who really knows how to eat, it's the gang on Friends .

From Joey's simple tastes to Monica's sophisticated palette, the Friends are totally savvy when it comes to eating well. So consider the West Village 6 when you plan your next summer cook-out. In ten seasons of the show, the characters cooked and ate a lot, and some "chefs" were more successfully than others. (Oh, New York City in a pre-Seamless world.) To help you define that summer menu, I scoured the foodie corners of the internet to find real recipes inspired by some of Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Ross's favorite foods. And now I'm wondering why no one ever licensed a Friends cookbook. I already have the title for the dessert section: Easy Monica's Bakery.

Try out these Friends-inspired eats at your next summer party. (But stay away from the Mock-o-late brownies. Trust me.)

1. Chandler & Joey's Burgers

Just like the ones that these very manly roommates made for Rachel's birthday party, these blue cheese burgers from Aberdeen's Kitchen are grilled over a very manly flame. And the caramelized onions and fancy homemade mustard make them fancy enough to pass muster with Monica.

2. Phoebe's Chocolate Chip Cookies

This precious Nestle Toll House cookie recipe was handed down to Phoebe's family by...the Nestle corporation. Just because they're not a secret doesn't mean they're not delicious with cold milk.

3. Chandler's Righteous Mac & Cheese

Chandler Bing's boycott of "all the Pilgrim holidays" means that his Thanksgiving meal usually consists entirely of macaroni and cheese. This comfort food transitions well to summer, especially with the addition of crab meat and bacon, like this recipe from Perpetually Hungry.

4. Joey's Two Pizzas

Mr. Tribbiani's favorite Friday meal, "The Joey Special," is as constant as he is. To honor the group's ultimate eater, you've simply got to have two pizzas. Go traditional for the first, with this New York Style recipe from Unorthodox Epicure. Then Joey won't mind if you jazz up the second a bit with fennel, prosciutto, and roasted red peppers, a la Notes of Bacon. Mangia!

5. Rachel's Trifle

At the risk of your dessert tasting "like feet," please remember that any classic English trifle should be 100 percent vegetarian. Succeed where Rachel didn't when you wow your guests with this refreshing Lemon-Blueberry version from Two Peas And Their Pod.

6. Ross's Mini-Muffins

Do you have "the edge"? These Orange Madeline mini-muffins from Cake 'n Knife alone might have swayed Ugly Naked Guy into subletting his apartment, sparing his friends the sight of Naked Ross.

And there you have it: a full menu for your next summer soiree! Add your cocktail of choice and the home version of Bamboozled, and your Friends party is complete.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; sunnyhazel, sophrosynic/Tumblr; Giphy