The Hair Advice You Need For Salon-Worthy Locks

by Lindsey Rose Black

It's a major bummer to get a fabulous, bouncy haircut only to soon discover you have absolutely no idea how to maintain the cut and keep your hair looking salon-worthy until your next appointment. Fortunately, Refinery29 just shared several pieces of professional hair stylist advice, and you legit won't believe you lived without these pro tips for so long.

On how to keep short hair looking gorgeous, Emma Stone's stylist, Mara Roszak, provides details. She explains, "For shorter styles, it's more important to have a ‘shaping’ scheduled for anywhere between six and eight weeks. Because pixies and long bobs are all about their shape and length, they tend to need a bit more maintenance than longer styles." Yes, a little more effort than long hair, but totally worth it when you get to have a Beyonce-worthy bob.

Answering the eternal question of how often we should all really, really go in for trims is Mary J. Blige's stylist and salon-owner, Kim Kimble. She says it like it is and shared, "Cut your hair every two to three months. It’s simple: Stick to your routine.” And if you're doubting her advice, she adds that if you skip a haircut, "not only will you start to develop split ends, but your cut will also lose its shape. It’s healthy to stick to the two-three-months cut rule, no matter what your hair length or texture, to prevent this.”


The next time you think about skipping out on a trim, just ask yourself: would you rather have long, straggly tresses or healthy, gorgeous locks? Remember, scissors are your friend, no matter how scary they may look.

Image: Giphy