I Recreated 6 'Clueless' Hairstyles Because Obvi

We still can't get enough of classic teen film Clueless, nor the 1990s trend, so I decided to take some hair inspiration straight from this cult movie and recreate some iconic Clueless hairstyles at home. There's just something about Clueless that we can't seem to resist; perhaps it's the comedic lingo, the girls' incredible fashion, or maybe it's the endearing female protagonists that you just wish would be your friends.

I can imagine it now: A horn beeps and I run to the window to see Dionne and Cher in that cherry red convertible, waving up at me and beckoning me into the car. I would be the new girl like Tai once was and we would drive to Cher's house and the girls would proceed to give me a '90s makeover — which would hopefully include a ton of pastel colored plaid. One can but dream.

For anyone else whose daydreams are similar to mine, you can now get closer to the Clueless reality than ever before: There is going to be a Clueless musical! Just over a week ago, the news was announced and Millennials worldwide grabbed their fluffy pens and made a note of this momentous day in their diaries, doodling little hearts around it. However, it's all just in the early stages at the moment, so to still my beating heart, I decided to recreate a selection of iconic hairstyles from the movie, so I can look the part when I go see the musical. So here's the 411...


This is my normal hair; it is naturally straight and dyed (shhh) blonde. It's got a bit of a kink to it as I let it dry mostly naturally in the sweltering heat and put it in a ponytail while it was still damp. I think it will soon be time for a haircut as it is getting super long and with it being really thick, it makes the summer months almost unbearable when it's this long.

Though I think my hair is most similar to Cher's out of all the leading ladies' locks, I wanted to try an array of styles from the different '90s chicks to get well rounded looks and properly 1990s hairstyles.

1. The Effortless Windswept Look

This hairstyle epitomizes the nonchalant youth of the '90s. When our elders used to say, "Kids these days don't know they're born," we would laugh and carry on being unenthused and too cool for school. That was until the recession struck and we all had to tighten our purse strings. I can just imagine a post recession Cher throwing a tantrum because her daddy could only afford to buy her one Alaïa dress per month. The silver spoon would be tugged out of her mouth no matter how tight she clamped her jaw shut.

Verdict: The easiest hairstyle one can ever create — I literally ran my fingers through my hair. A good look but not for me, as I can't stand having hair in my face!

2. The Classic Headband

Throughout the movie, the girls of Clueless wore headbands almost as much as Blair Waldorf. The humble headband lent a preppy, almost studious look to the girls who actually had more important things on their minds like boys and shopping sprees. To channel the Clueless cast, ensure your headband is quite far back on your head, not right at the front, as this adds a softer, more feminine edge to the overall look.

Verdict: I love a headband but I'd have preferred mine to be more authentic to Clueless in the form of a thicker Alice band, as that would make my look way more '90s. I've put it on my Christmas list!

3. The Middle Parting With Fluffy Accessories

Dionne is one of the coolest '90s movie girls ever. She's right up there alongside Kat Stratford of 10 Things I Hate About You but with a lot less anger. I adore her fluffy hair clips, which I presume to be barrettes. I almost couldn't complete this look, as I couldn't think of just what to wear in my hair. However, after a moment's pondering, I remembered my Black Swan outfit that I put together for Halloween a couple of years ago and the fluffy/feathery hair slides that I crafted.

Verdict: I really like this look, although I'm not sure if it's an everyday, "popping to the supermarket" kind of look. However, I think it would look awesome with a decadent, white ball gown at a black tie event or a winter ball. Plus, it's a super cheap look if you craft it yourself!

4. The Clueless Bridesmaid

To achieve this look, I first had to put my trusty heated rollers in my hair. I would use a wand but I am not sure how many hours it would take me to curl my entire head of hair, or if I would even be able to do it by myself. Strangely enough, this is actually my go–to hairstyle for special events and occasions; who knew I had been channelling Cher all this time?

I literally unravelled my rollers and made a quiff by finger combing my hair at the front, pulling together, and pushing it forward to create volume. I then secured it with four bobby pins.

Verdict: I love the volume and the quiff; I wear this style all the time.

5. The Cutesy Ribbon & Curl Combo

Oh Tai, you little sweetheart! Look at you trying to appear all cool. To achieve this look, I had curled my hair with my rollers as previously mentioned — feel free to use a curling implement of your choice — and then I looped a ribbon underneath my hair and tied it in a bow at the top of my head. With my hair being crazy long I couldn't free one of my "curls" like Tai because it would just be a long piece of hair waving around in front of my face. So I incorporated a little mini quiff instead to add a bit of texture.

Verdict: I was never going to be able to achieve this look perfectly due to my naturally straight, very long hair (which is very different to Tai's shoulder length, tightly curled tresses). However, I do love the result and feel like the ribbon lends a preppy, vintage vibe to this 'do.

6. Amber's Preppy Pigtails

Amber has got to be the most annoying rival of a leading lady to ever hit our screens. She's a completely spoiled brat and often dresses like she's about to run away with the circus. How she thinks she's in direct competition to someone like Cher is absolutely beyond me. Amber is a total Monet. In this scene, she is pictured dressed more like a Bratz doll than ready for a gym class. She must be wearing either a wig or hair extensions because in her other appearances, her hair is considerably shorter.

I don't have any bangs so I wasn't able to achieve Amber's super short fringe. I kept my hair curly, tipped my head upside down, and made my scalp skin stretch with the tightness of my hair ties.

Verdict: I feel like a robot. This style is for kindergarteners or dolls. No humans over the age of eight should wear this style. Although I must admit it feels epic to have all of my hair off my face and completely up and out of the way in this sweltering weather...

Clueless hairstyles are surprisingly easy to recreate, most likely because they were inspired by teen girls in the '90s, who like me, were not professional hairdressers. So be a total Betty this summer with a Clueless 'do!

Images: Paramount Pictures (6); Giphy (2); Phoebe Waller