Get 'Gossip Girl' Style In 7 Blair-ish Headbands

I don't know about you but I really miss Gossip Girl. It was a breath of fresh air to the teen drama genre; full of incredible fashion, plot twists, and of course Blair Waldorf headbands. AKA: The greatest of all hair accessories. For those who haven't indulged in Gossip Girl (where have you been?) Blair is one of the "it" girls of the Upper East Side of Manhattan where champagne is always flowing, designer gowns are a must, and the transportation vehicle of choice is a limo.

Blair is one of the lead female protagonists and starts out in the series as a monster bitch who wants to take revenge on her on-again-off-again BFF for sleeping with her long term boyfriend. Otherwise knows as "Queen B," she has a small army of aspiring teen queens whom she controls via her skills in manipulation and popular prowess. Blair is not a girl to be messed with.

However, throughout the series you begin to see different aspects of Blair that you didn't think existed and emotions you presumed she was incapable of. She's a tough little cookie with a heart of gold. Plus, her fashion sense is unreal. Now I know we don't all have daddy's plastic to fall back on or have a mother who is a high end fashion designer, but Blair really knows how to dress.

Ms. Waldorf's signature style item has to be the humble headband; she is rarely seen without one and she has a different headband for every occasion. So here's how to steal Blair's most beloved hair accessory styles and show everyone who they're dealing with.

1. The Classic Red Bow Headband

Blair usually wears a different headband every day of the school week. One of her most memorable styles is this pillar box red, oversized bow look, which really makes a statement.

Huge Glitter Hair Bow, $15, Crown and Glory

Choose this headband in the "Crimson" shade to really rock Blair's style. It comes on an elasticated headband attachment so you can wear it on the side of your head, asymmetrically, just like Ms. Waldorf.

2. The Nice Stripes

Pictured above, Blair is seen sporting a subtle, striped headband that tones down her very feminine outfit.

Striped Twisted- Front Headwrap, $4, Forever 21

Blair would be sure to approve of this stylish, striped headband. As well as being a copycat of Blair's headband, this particular style is also rocking the nautical trend of the summer, which will earn you major fashion brownie points.

3. The Studded Headband

Mix things up a bit like Blair in a quirky, studded headband. Not her usual feminine style, this studded headband still brings heaps of luxe to the table and complements her mustard yellow dress perfectly.

Brown Scalloped Headband with Gold Studs, $7, Claire's

Steal Blair's style in this gold studded, scalloped edge headband.

4. The Bling Band

Pictured on her wedding day, Blair is seen wearing a phenomenal, sparkling headband. It is so intricate and beautifully complements the organic design of her Elie Saab designer wedding dress.

JL Johnson Bridals Headpiece Style No.3707, $104, House of Brides

Copy Blair's incredibly chic nature-inspired headband with this rhinestone headband at a fraction of the price. Wear it during wedding season 2015 to really shine out amongst the guests.

5. The Pearly White Headband

Blair is (almost) always sophisticated and poised and often shows off her classy style by wearing a string of pearls. Here she is pictured wearing pearls differently; atop her head in a pearl headband.

Pieces Enice Faux Pearl Headband, $9, ASOS

Ooze elegance in this faux pearl headband — just don't tell anyone they're not real!

6. The Fuschia Bloom Headband

Blair doesn't do things by halves and she always matches her headband to her outfit. This stunning floral headband looks great with her flowery dress.

Lana Orchid Aliceband in "Strawberry Daiquiri, $23, Crown and Glory

This beautiful, blooming headband looks so realistic and would complement a pink dress delightfully well. This headband could also be worn to a festival to add a sprinkling of sophistication to your relaxed festival attire.

7. The Ribbon & Chain Headband

Coming over all Chanel, Blair looks youthful, fun, and sophisticated in this ribbon and chain headband.

3 Metal Headbands, $19, Etsy

Get three for the price of one with this set of three ribbon and chain headbands. Bring some sass to your lecture, office, or wherever you desire with these luxe hair accessories.

Whichever style you choose to wear this summer, make sure to do a Blair and coordinate your headband to your outfit to finish off your look in style.

Images: The CW; Giphy; Courtesy Brands