Matt Damon's Ponytail Gives Off Surfer Vibes, Has Us All Wondering "What Will Ben Affleck Think?!"

The man bun is hereby being challenged as the go-to, dude 'do of the summer! Matt Damon opted for a ponytail that's pretty serious. That is, it's thick, it's curly, and it's full. It's also perfectly surfer dude.

Sorry, Justin Bieber and Jared Leto with your man buns! Sir Damon is ushering in a new era that may very well make man ponies way cool. We might see an uptick in longer haired celebs and gentlemen trying this style.

Damon showed off his new hairstyle at a film press conference in China. At first, it was a pretty shocking sight, since I am so used to seeing the baby-faced actor and Ben Affleck BFF with close-cropped hair. Yes, he is still adorbs, because that face. But it is certainly a surprising look for him since short hair is his thing.

My next thought? "WWBT?!" As in "What will Ben think?" Matt and Ben are besties for life. Affleck has got to have an opinion on that hair.

Damon looks like he just emerged from a day of catching waves while wearing a wetsuit in the ocean, due to the texture and color of his locks.

At least it's not a man ben, er, bun!

A semi-sideview of the Damon Pony.

It's so... rugged?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Eh, it doesn't matter how he styles his strands. He's a handsome devil regardless.

Images: Complex_UK/Twitter (1); ComplexMag (1)