7 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Quotes About Each Other That Used To Be Adorable, But Now Will Make You Cry Forever

They say that time heals all wounds, but Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce might be the exception to that rule. Not for them, perhaps, but for the public, who have upheld their marriage — which they ended publicly on June 30, just a couple of days after their tenth anniversary — as a pillar of hope, normalcy, and True Love in Hollywood. WELL, NO MORE! Love is dead, I'm sorry to say.

But even though their 10-year union is over, we can still relish in the decade of love and support they gave each other, and in turn, the rest of the world. Even the joint public statement they released announcing the dissolution of their marriage was full of maturity, love, and wisdom, which just makes me seethe that in my life I am surrounded by 30-year-old manbabies who will never grow up. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another," they said in their official statement. Classy.

The two married in 2005, and for as long as they have known each other, they have gushed about each other to anyone who would listen, and luckily, that was basically everyone. Here are just a few of their candid quotes about each other, their family and their marriage that were once adorably, but now will forever break out hearts.

1. 2002 — Jen Agreed: He Was The Sexiest

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This was before the two were even together, but you could tell that Jennifer Garner was already falling for her Daredevil co-star. She told People when he was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2002, "We all swooned. He's your basic tall, dark and handsome. He's it. You want him to save you. I can't imagine anyone the world would rather see swoop in and save the day than Ben."

2. 2007 — "He's A Great Dad"

Garner could not have been happier to be with such a great guy, who was a fantastic father to their children. She explained to InStyle, "You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben is like that, like, on crack."

3. 2010 — Ben Brags To Ellen

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Affleck couldn't believe how good he had it when he paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit in 2010, gushing, "I am madly in love. I have the best family. I really have come right to the place where I was supposed to be. I wish it would just stop now and I would be really happy just right here because I hate to say something like that. You got to knock wood." In retrospect, this one is probably the saddest.

4. 2010 — The Whole Package

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In an interview with Parade Magazine, Garner casually bragged about how great her husband was in all respects: "Ben is sexy and kind, but he’s also a riot. We can be very goofy together."

5. 2013 — Ben Knew He Was Lucky


At the 2013 ceremony for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Affleck told Access Hollywood that he felt like the luckiest guy at the prom, saying of Garner: "She's the most beautiful woman out there."

6. 2013 — She Changed His Life (Sob)

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In an interview with Playboy, the actor admitted that his wife was his muse and gave him the courage to take risks in his career: "Getting to know her, falling in love with her and being connected with her gave me a foundation to reach out and say, 'Okay, I'm going to do Hollywoodland. I'm going to direct Gone Baby Gone.' Those were the steps forward I needed to put positive stuff on the board. She's the most important person to me."

7. 2013 — Working On It


Affleck made waves and raised some eyebrows when he said in his 2013 Oscars acceptance speech for Argo that their marriage was work, but Garner wasn't fazed at all, since she knew her husband better than anybody else: "I know Ben, I knew he meant it as the hugest, warmest compliment in the world. I think he was saying, ‘Look, what we have is really real and I value it above all and I’m in it with you and I know you are in it with me.' That’s the way I took it," she told The Telegraph.

I'm gonna miss Ben and Jen. Who's gonna give us hope for love in Hollywood, now?

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