Jace Is Evicted On 'Big Brother 17' & Absolutely No One Is Surprised

In what was perhaps the least shocking ceremony ever: Jace was evicted first from the Big Brother house. Everyone from the players in the house, to those watching the feeds, to the most casual of fans could see it coming from a mile away. And, though he fought hard to win the votes to stay, Jace knew it was the end before it really even started. "Long hair, should care, put me in the eviction chair," feed watchers heard him singing at various points throughout the week. That's not the mantra of a winner, folks.

I'm not sure the exact moment the house pretty much unanimously decided to turn on Jace and backdoor him out of the competition. But, once the idea picked up steam, there was no stopping it. Jace only made things worse for himself when he began bullying contestants into keeping him there. But, try as he did, he wasn't able to get the necessary votes, and he became Big Brother 17's first casualty.

Now that Jace is out of the competition, things are going to be a little less drama-filled. I mean, his mood swings between giving up and desperately wanting to stay were entertaining to watch. But, I have no doubt the show will find some other way to stir up trouble even though Shell Town is dead. Sorry, Jace, but someone's gotta be the first to lose and this year that person was you. But, like he said on the feeds earlier in the week, 16 other people have done it before him. So, at least he's in good company. They should all get together and start a support group or something. It can be Shell Town 2.0.

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Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS