Diana von Furstenberg's Jessica Joffe's Fourth of July Fashion Advice Will You Keep You Stylish While You Celebrate

It's that time of year again. Time to don the traditional, patriotic color palette of red, white, and blue. Whether you're looking to take the Fourth of July fashion trends to the max or seeking to make a more subtle patriotic statement, there's tons of fashion out there for what you need. However, having a little help from a seriously fashionable lady doesn't hurt. Jessica Joffe's Fourth of July fashion advice on the Diana von Furstenberg website is going to help you make the decision on what to rock to that barbecue this weekend.

In case you're unsure who Joffe is, she's the insanely talented style director for the iconic Diana von Furstenberg fashion house. She's also been a mentor on the successful House of DVF series which features young women of various career backgrounds competing to become the house's brand ambassador. Obviously, Joffe gives amazing fashion and style advice, and she's at it again to get you prepped for this weekend. Joffe starts by letting us know that the traditional Independence Day color palette is actually incredibly flattering on everyone, so you know that the looks she recommends are going to rock them. She says, "Whether you’re American, Australian, French, Russian, Icelandic or Cuban (and that’s just a smattering of countries who pledge allegiance to the red, white and blue) this particular tricolore salad may tug at your patriotic heartstrings. And that’s quite aside from how perfectly these three colors go together. I can personally attest to his: between my hair, my eyes and my ghostly pallor, it is incredibly wearable (or unavoidable)."

Dress For the Occassion

Joffe recommends a DVF lace and denim wrap dress paired with gold bracelets for your Friday night. The recommeded dress is gorgeous and comes in at a cool $428, but if you're looking for a less pricy alternative, you can try this Charlotte Russe denim and lace shirt dress for only $32.99.

DVF Aya Denim Wrap Dress, $428

Charlotte Russe Denim and Lace Shirt Dress, $32.99

Cool Shorts and Comfy Accessories

For your Saturday and Sunday activities, Joffe looks towards white shorts and a flowy red top that keep the red, white, and blue trend going as well as a pair of gorgeous sunglasses perfect for the entire summer. Check out the stunning DVF fashions that Joffe may be seen sporting and get some serious fashion inspiration of your own for the weekend.

Diane von Furstenberg Hattie Stretch Cotton Shorts; $114.00

Diane von Furstenbeg Layla Cotton Blouse; $368.00

Diane von Furstenberg Leah Studded Sunglass; $146

Images: Jessica Joffe/Instagram; Courtesy of brands (5)