14 Amazing Hats In 'My Love From Another Star' That Almost Outshine All The Aliens

There are a lot of reasons to watch My Love From Another Star. I mean, first off the plots are off the charts (I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't watched it yet, but the ultra-complex storyline involves super-powered aliens, A-list actors, and reptilian serial murderers — and pretty much all of them are multi-millionaires). Then, as if that wasn't enough reason to tune in, you've also got ridiculously on-point beauty game (the lipstick alone is enough to send you into a wallet-busting Sephora binge), and last but not least... the clothes are to die for. Now, you have to understand, there's just so much stylishness going on that I had to break it down into categories — so today, I'm going to be paying homage specifically to all of the epic hat moments throughout the series.

From stylish fedoras, to front row-worthy floppy felt hats, to beanies with faces (yes, you read that right, with faces), My Love From Another Star wins just about in just about every hat category imaginable — basically, it's the perfect source for hat inspiration of all shapes and sizes. So with that in mind, here's a quick sampling of 14 of the best hats from the series's 21 episodes.

1. Song Yi's Camel Fedora

The perfect accoutrement for a moto jacket and lace blouse.

2. Min Ah's Sock Monkey Hat

Who else really, really wants to buy a sock monkey hat now?

3. Min Joon's Traditional Hat

Karl Lagerfeld, take note.

4. Song Yi's Orange Fedora

Serving up some serious A-list realness.

5. Min Ah's Leopard-Print Hunting Cap

Officially Holden Caufield approved.

6. Min Ah's Smiley Beanie

All hats should have faces on them.

7. Se Mi's Floppy Hat

A wide-brimmed hat is always fab, but a wide-brimmed hat paired with a pale pink fur coat? Perfection.

8. Song Yi's Slouchy Beanie

Stars: They're Just Like Us (in this particular case, they relax in comfy beanies, whilst reading manga and eating instant ramen).

9. and 10. Se Mi's Black Felt Hat, and Min Ah's Red Cap

The combined hat game in this photo (not to mention the coat game) is almost too much to handle.

11. Min Ah's Rainbow Leopard Print Cap

Not many can pull off a backwards baseball cap, but Min Ah does it with aplomb to spare.

12. Min Ah's Reindeer Braids

OK, so this isn't technically a hat, but I think we can all safely agree that Min Ah's got the eccentric head-styling game on lock.

13. and 14. Song Yi's Wide-Brimmed Hat and Min Ah's Mustachio'd Cap

That's some truly great hat juxtaposition right there.

Who's got your favorite hat? I love Se Mi's wide-brimmed charcoal gray hat for its classiness, but as the proud owner of not one, but two beanies with ears, I have to say Min Ah has totally won me over with her eclectic collection of headgear.

Images: My Love From Another Star/DramaFever (12)