Can Matt Bomer Dance? The 'Magic Mike XXL' Star Is A Triple Threat & That Alone Deserves A "YAAAS"

There is arguably nothing hotter this 4th of July weekend than Magic Mike XXL,a movie in which man-gods Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello and Adam Rodriguez and Matt Bomer dance and play strippers and just generally act like the muscled, spray-tanned eye candy that they are. And just in case you had any doubt in your mind about Bomer's (exotic) dancing abilities in the first film, Matt Bomer in Magic Mike XXL really takes things to the next level.

While the collective world has spent literal years drooling over Matt Bomer's blush-worthy dance moves in Magic Mike (seriously, just one search for "Matt Bomer Magic Mike GIFs" is enough to warrant a cold shower), things are only going to get steamier in XXL — partly because Bomer sings in the film. And he's probably going to do it while stripping, already making Magic Mike XXL a cinematic masterpiece.

"There's something about already taking your clothes off that made it easier," Bomer told Seth Meyers about the act of singing-while-stripping, revealing that the tunes he'll bust out in the movie are D'Angelo's "How Does It Feel" (yes, really) and "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. Hear that? I think it's the sound of not-just-jaws dropping everywhere.

Still, we must never forget the moment in which Bomer first showed the world that he could shake it, which was at Comic Con 2010 when he danced with children to Kesha's "Tik Tok." Magic Mike it wasn't, but Matt Bomer got straight-up into it, which doesn't really come as a surprise after I've seen him put his all into the MM movies. Yeah, it's a little creepy to compare them, but basically the point is that when Matt Bomer wants to dance, Matt Bomer can dance — whether it's in the strip club or bustin' a move with little kids.

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Of course, the world has already established that he can dance (check) sing (check — like for real, you need to listen to his rendition of "Heaven" below) and yes, as we all know, the man can act. And I'm not just talking about his role on White Collar or the gift that is his beauty in the Mike films — Matt Bomer is a serious, award-winning actor, having taken a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy nomination for his role in the play-turned-HBO-film, The Normal Heart.

Matt Bomer: Triple threat, triple talented, and triple XXXL. Or something.

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