8 Reasons Captain America Would Be The Best Hero To Spend The 4th of July With

It's not just his patriotic name that would earn Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, the guest of honor spot at your Independence Day barbecue. Before he ever suited up, Steve was the quintessential all-American boy. He wanted to be a soldier when he was scrawny and asthmatic, and he always stood up to bullies, even when they outnumbered him. Steve is the only hero that bleeds red, white, and blue, and he knows that loving his country does not mean blindly following every direction he is given. He asks questions, he puts others first, and he's a strong and confident leader. Also, I suspect he would have mad skills on the barbecue.

Just think of how enthusiastic Steve would be when it came to Independence Day. As a World War II vet, Steve would remind everyone of the true importance of the holiday, but he would also let himself cut loose and celebrate a little. After all, any guy who goes by the moniker of Captain America must see Independence Day as the best of all the holidays. Between the fireworks, good food, and focus on family and friends, Steve would be a total Fourth of July hero. Here are just a few reasons why Cap is the man you would want at your annual Independence Day bash:

1. He Would Be Down For Performing Tricks With His Shield

You would definitely be the coolest person in your squad if you convinced Cap to do a few fancy shield throws at your bash. While he's normally a pretty serious guy, I have a feeling the joy of the holiday would convince him to let loose just enough to show off — as long as everyone stayed out of shield range.

2. He's Definitely A Master Griller

Come on, an old-fashioned guy like Cap is definitely handy behind a grill... and even if he burns the burgers, he would look amazing doing it. I mean those arms, though.

3. He Probably Loves Fireworks

Cap gets enough destructive explosions when he's on duty, but he would love to look at some beautiful, non-terrifying fireworks. At the end of the day, he's still that kid from Brooklyn who loved parades, fireworks, and his country.

4. He Would Bring The Best Guests

Falcon, Black Widow, and a non-brainwashed Bucky? Yes, please. There's no way your party wouldn't be legendary with a lineup like that.

5. He Would Be An Excellent Picnic Buddy

A super soldier has got to be able to put down an epic amount of potato salad, and because Cap is adorkable, sharing a blanket with him would always be entertaining. I bet he would even let the other guests quiz him on current pop culture for the amusement of all.

6. He Knows How To Party

Hey, he's a good guy, but he is a good guy who knows how to party — just don't ask him to dance.

7. He Has So Many Stories To Tell

Cap has been on the front lines and he's an Avenger. He has real war stories to tell, and on the Fourth of July there is no one better to listen to than a person who has actually fought for independence.

8. He's A Living Legend

All of the Avengers are cool, but Cap is a true American hero. Having him at your barbecue would make the day one for the history books.

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