How 'HIMYM' Characters Would Celebrate 4th Of July

Let's face it: the gang from How I Met Your Mother easily became all of our #FriendshipGoals for nine glorious seasons. As a serial binge-watcher of the series (I seriously can't stop, guys), it's easy to imagine that any celebration could be made better if only our favorite quintet was in tow. Unfortunately, the characters are fictional, so there's no way to actually invite any of them to your legen — wait for it — dary soirées. Because hypotheticals are so much fun, though, let's imagine what it would be like to have the crew from HIMYM join us for a summer holiday highlight. I'm speaking, of course, about the Fourth of July. What would it be like if the characters from HIMYM got together for a Fourth of July cookout? We can safely assume that there would be plenty of almighty high fives, a red herring that would lead to an epic plot twist, and a plethora of memorable puns. But what would each individual group member bring to said cookout?

You can wonder no longer, because — lucky for you — I have compiled a list of what would be on the menu for a cookout involving the most legendary sitcom crew in the history of television. Enjoy!

Robin Would Bring Scotch

Forget beer! Robin would bring a bottle of the classiest aged scotch she could find. Also, she might bring beer...

Lily Would Bring Hot Dogs

As a former champion of a Coney Island hot dog-eating contest, Lily would obviously bring a selection of tasty brats.

Marshall Would Bring The Star Wars Trilogy

We all know Marshall would look for any excuse to watch Star Wars.

Ted Would Also Bring The Star Wars Trilogy


Barney Would Bring A New Video Of Robin Performing As "Robin Sparkles"

After ransacking her apartment, Barney would uncover yet another secret video of Robin as her teenage pop persona. Maybe the video would feature Robin singing at a carnival with dancing bottles of maple syrup or something. IT WOULD BE LEGENDARY!

Ted Would Bring A Date

Assuming the cookout was taking place before Season 9, Ted would bring a date that we would likely never hear from again.

Marshall Would Bring Tantrum

Marshall would bring the banned energy drink, Tantrum. This is the point where the party would get out of control.

Lily Would Bring Ten Different Fancy Dishes With Names No One Could Pronounce

No one would have any idea what said dishes were made from, but they would be delicious.

Marshall Would Bring Gouda

"Don't sleep on the gouda." Seriously, guys, Marshall takes the cheese very seriously.

Ted Would Bring Bacon

The GIF says it all.

Barney & Robin Would Bring Their Undying Love For Each Other

Once a shipper, always a shipper. I don't care what happened in the finale — to me, Barney and Robin's love would last for all time. BOOM!

Images: CBS; Giphy (11)