11 Manicures That Would Make Ariel Jealous

Summer is upon us like a heavy, sweltering beast that makes it tricky to know what to wear while looking stylish. One way to outsmart the beast is to wear something casual that keeps you cool and dress up your nails instead, with fin–tastic mermaid inspired nails. IMO, mermaids are the epitome of summer: They're always lounging around on the beach, they have the most awesome clam shell bikinis, and their hair is sun-kissed and salty in tousled waves. Oh to be a siren!

However, I soon realized that mermaids would not be able to give themselves a manicure under the sea — and a pedicure would definitely be out of the question. Although they could get their nails done by a mobile manicurist who could come and meet them on the beach, but without shell phones or any kind of telephone, this may prove quite impossible to organize. Those poor mermaidens. Their nails must be destroyed by being constantly underwater and battered about by currents and ocean debris. Perhaps they could make some kind of arrangement with Ursula the Sea Witch whereby she would provide them with magical, super water-resistant manicures in return for the loan of their voice for a couple of hours — that sounds fair.

For now, without there being such an arrangement in place, here's a selection of mermaid manicures to inspire landlubbers who wish to channel those seductive sirens.

1. The Embellished Talons

Add an OTT touch of luxe to your ensemble this summer with these awesome mermaid inspired nails. These talons encompass glitter, scale patterns, and shiny jewels that will ensure you look totally polished.

2. The Classic Mermaid Design

For all the ladies who wish they were a mermaid, this style is for you. The base is a petrol green, iridescent shade that is reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. The artist has then painted a perfect scale design onto each finger to really bring this look to life.

3. The Patriotic Mermaid

Do you miss the Fourth of July already? Are you planning next year's celebrations? Don't forget your patriotic nails! This red, white, and blue mermaid inspired manicure is the perfect choice for aspiring mermaids and proud citizens of the U.S.A. alike.

4. The Disney Nails

I have yet to meet anyone who does not like Disney's The Little Mermaid. If you love channelling Ariel, or wish you were an underwater princess too, then these nails are for you.

5. The Golden Mermaid Design

All that glitters sometimes really is gold; as proven by these gorgeous, purple and turquoise glitter nails with a lovely, golden mermaid on the ring fingernail.

6. The Pearly Nails

If you wish to add a touch of mermaiden sophistication to your outfit this summer, keep it truly classy with these elegant pearl encrusted nails.

7. The Matching Mani-Pedi

Get your holiday started swimmingly with a glamorous, matching mani-pedi such as this bedazzling set for ultra oceanic chicness.

8. The Tropical Ocean Design

For those who prefer a bright color palette in summer, you may wish to choose a totally tropical design such as this fabulous, neon orange nail art.

9. The Sassy Sequin Style

This design is absolutely ingenious. Who'd have thought that layering green sequins would create a scale-like, mermaid tail effect?

10. The Subtle Mermaid

Do you need to keep your inner mermaid camouflaged due to work? No problem! These subtle, nude colored mermaid nails are perfect for anyone needing to keep their manicure professional.

11. The Deep Blue Sea Manicure

This design is for all of the fans of the Waterfire Saga , in particular the first novel Deep Blue. These glittering, indigo nails with a touch of turquoise are a wonderful choice for any water babies out there — you'll be shimmering your way through summer!

Images: tanealeah; primpedandpolished (2); lolasparklez; aprendamosnails; camonamona; nailsandwine; dvicionails; chantelleburbine; nailsbymh; shartleynails; nailsthatshimmer /Instagram