The 9 Most Original Tattoo Placements

by Gina Jones 2

I'm a huge fan of tattoos: Big ones, little ones, ones on your face, subtle ones, and even cliche tattoos. However, once you've covered all the limbs and open expanses of skin that you can think of, it's time to concoct ideas for original tattoo placements. Currently sporting six of various sizes and degrees of embarrassment (never get a tattoo on the last day of your holiday at 4 a.m. after copious amounts of drinking), I find myself continually brainstorming new ink that I'd love to get. As much as my parents will hate it, I can totally imagine myself being 100 percent covered one day.

Tattoos are all about creativity and that creativity doesn't have to be limited to just the design, but can also extend to the placement as well. Although I doubt I'll ever reach the lengths of getting a face tattoo, some people have gone even further than that to tattoo places I barely remember exist.

With celebs like Rihanna and Zayn Malik sporting full hand tattoos, the age of a simple forearm heart is coming to an end. Your intricate designs don't just have to be original in imagery now, but also in placement. Whilst tradition is a cornerstone of tattoo culture, the future is here and the future wants to know how much of your vulva you could get tattooed before you pass out. Don't worry: You don't have to go that extreme. Instead, check out some of the coolest and most creative tattoo placements from across the Internet.

1. Skull Tattoo

When you hear "skull tattoo," you probably think of a tattoo of a skull, not a tattoo on a skull. This design proves that you don't have to be metal AF to rock a head tattoo — and if you grow bored of it, you can just grow your hair back!

2. Palm Tattoo

This finger/palm tattoo is a smart twist on the knuckle tattoo. It's easier to hide from your parents and shows more creativity than your usual hand tatt.

3. Toe Tattoo

Another alternative to knuckle tattoos: toe tattoos! These little symbols are super cute but nowhere near as funny as getting a camel tattooed on your toe (get it?).

4. Inner Lip Tattoo

The first time I saw an inner lip tattoo was in this viral Kitty music video: "I'm the princess, read my lip, it's pouty." Super cute but apparently a struggle to let heal. Be warned.

5. Ear Tattoo

This ear tattoo is the opposite of a behind the ear tattoo and looks effortlessly beautiful in a similar way. Tucking your hair behind your ear will show way more creativity than just getting your hair out of your face.

6. Sternum Tattoo

Did you ever even consider a sternum tattoo before Rihanna got one? Did you really want one after she did? This is another cleverly hidden tattoo idea, perfect unless you're as confident as RiRi and want to flaunt your ink to the whole world.

7. Knee Cap Tattoo

Have you felt how thin the skin on your knee is recently? This would definitely hurt like hell, but it looks cool enough that you wouldn't care.

8. Vagina Tattoo

No matter how effing cool this looks, I can't handle how much it would've hurt! This kind of dedication deserves to be applauded and helps to erase that Homer Simpson tattoo we've all been scarred with a million times.

9. Ass Tattoo

And on the other side of things... This ass tattoo makes me reconsider ever getting my ass tattooed. Just imagine being unable to sit for a week because your bum is peeling. Worth it? Probably.