This App Will Show You Who Deleted You On Facebook

Social media is a numbers game, no matter how you slice it. We're always keeping track of our likes, retweets, friends, and followers, and the more our self-worth is tied to these statistics, the more it can sting when those numbers decrease. If you really want to know who recently delted you, though, there's a new app for that: Who Deleted Me tells you who unfriended you on Facebook. Personally, I like to remain blissfully ignorant about who unfollows or unfriends me, because otherwise I would become obsessed with wondering why it happened and what I did wrong: Why did he unfriend me? Was my joke about peeing in a romper too tasteless? Existential crises would abound. Maybe that's just me, though. If you're more stable than I am... well, let's just say you're definitely the target demographic for Who Deleted Me.

The app sends you a notification when a friend deletes you or deactivates her account; however, it can only show you who unfriended you during the times since you downloaded the app. That means that it can't give you a master list of everyone who's ever unfriended you, which is probably good for your mental health if we're being honest. Not on Facebook? If you're keen to keep track of your followers on all your social media platforms, there's also Who Unfollowed Me for Twitter, and Unfollowgram for Instagram. Just, you know, so we have all our social media rejection bases covered.

Here's the thing, though: These apps, while totally fine in theory, may represent an insidious way of thinking when it comes to our online lives. All they serve to do is reinforce the horrible, wrong message that the number of friends or followers you have is somehow bound up in your value as a person. No matter how into social media we as a society are, let's all take a second to remind ourselves that we are more than the sum of our retweets, "likes," or followers.

Here's why it doesn't matter who deleted you on social media:

1. Your Identity Is More Than Your Online Life

Someone unfollowing or unfriending you in no way represents a value judgment on you as a person.

2. It's Not Personal

People unfriend for all kinds of reasons. I've unfriended people just because I haven't spoken to them in 15 years. While I'm sure their lives are lovely I simply have no need to see them on my timeline (and they probably feel the same way about me).

3. Facebook Is Silly

It's fun, and it's useful, but it's silly. Honestly, how much of Facebook is really just selfies and pictures of people's babies? Tons of it, right? Well, what's sillier than selfies and babies? Nothing. Nothing is sillier than selfies and babies. I rest my case.

4. You Wouldn't Have Even Noticed Without This App

If you wouldn't have noticed anyway, then it can't really matter, can it?

5. You Still Have Pizza

Your pizza intake is entirely unrelated to your number of Facebook friends. No matter who unfriends you, you'll always have pizza.

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