Follow Justin Baldoni's Feminist Instagram ASAP

If you're a Jane the Virgin fan (and if you're not, you so should be), you'll definitely want to hear the latest about Rafael Solano, aka actor Justin Baldoni. For a moment, let's put aside all those reasons you're either "Team Rafael," "Team Michael," or "Team Jane," because Baldoni is inspiring through social media in amazing ways — and it's something everyone should pay attention to. Basically, the 31-year-old CW telenovela star is teaching his newborn daughter the importance of being a feminist and how women should be treated. Just wait, you'll be shedding tears soon enough.

On Saturday, June 27, Baldoni and his wife Emily welcomed their firstborn, Maiya Grace Baldoni, into the world. They were beyond thrilled with their bundle of joy. I mean, who wouldn't be? Not only does baby Maiya have some spectacular parents ( JTV actor Jaime Camil agrees), but she has a great head of hair. For real, I want your hair, Maiya. Moving on... Ever since Baldoni has become a father, he can't help but gush about his daughter. He's so in love with her it slays me every time he shares a photo on Instagram.

It's not enough for the actor to just post an adorable pic with his baby girl, he also captions the photos with the most moving and inspirational words. Yeah, he should be a motivational speaker, especially when it comes to supporting women and proving why being a feminist is important.

For example, last Thursday, Baldoni shared one of the most moving posts I've ever read on Instagram. He wanted to express himself after watching his wife give birth by writing a "love letter" to both her and his daughter. In addition to saying he "worships" his wife now, he also shared why every man who has a wife should "simply embrace her, tell her how grateful you are she exists, and let her know how honored you are to be able to experience life with her. Let her know you trust her intuition and that she is perfect."

Wait, it doesn't stop there. He goes on to praise every woman for their beauty — inside and out. He wrote,

If your a woman reading this... look in the mirror, stare into your own eyes and know that you have EVERYTHING you will ever need right in front of you ...it's already inside you, and you are amazing and capable of literally anything. Know that anything a man can do you can do (and probably better) and there are things that you can accomplish in this life that a man could never even dream of... because they were destined to be accomplished by you.

Are the tears flowing? Yeah, I thought so. He ended his post by saying women can absolutely shatter that pesky glass ceiling, and he hopes one day Maiya will live a life where that is just common knowledge and she'll be able to get everything she wants and deserves.

Of course, the Jane the Virgin actor had to write another post on Sunday after the U.S. won the 2015 Women's World Cup, because he just had to make me love him even more. While sharing another super sweet pic with Maiya, he wrote, "Tears fill my eyes as we watch our U.S women make history! I spent my life playing this sport, and now I pray that Maiya will grow up in a world where women will draw as big of a crowd as the men. I have big dreams for my little girl... I have big dreams for our world. #womensworldcup."

There's no doubt we need more people like Baldoni in this world who are going the extra mile to make a difference for women in amazing ways. Thank you, Justin. Your little Maiya is one lucky girl who has one inspiring father.

Let's just give him the "Father of the Year" award right now.