3 Times Taylor Swift's Belly Button Made Hilarious Headlines

We've moved on from obsessing over Caitlyn Jenner (but not really) and Kim Kardashian's derrière to latching onto the mystery behind Taylor Swift's belly button. Well, the cat is out of the bag and T. Swift is just like any of us — her belly button exists (duh). It's a little ludicrous that the Internet went crazy over something as minuscule as a belly button, after all, Swift was a baby once, right? Babies are attached to umbilical cords? Science. Listen, I'm just going to assume her belly button has always been there.

All of this hullabaloo over Swift hasn't been a total waste, though. From the moments of anticipation to the big reveal, fans did what they do best by posting some of the most gut-busting reactions to the T. Swift belly button drama that has been gaining strength for the past year or so. Without all of the fuss, there's no way that tiny, totally normal-looking, un-pierced hole in Swift's stomach could have made for some of the most hilarious headlines. Sure, it isn't the most newsworthy thing ever, but it sure was hilarious in an "I can't believe my mom is laughing at me for writing about a celebrity's navel" kind of way. In case you missed any of the groundbreaking news on the whereabouts of Swift's belly button, I've got the top three times this now-solved mystery found itself plastered all over the Web.

November 2014

When Swift graced the December/January cover of Lucky magazine what sent everyone into a frenzy wasn't how adorable she looked on the cover. What blew our minds was what she said inside. Swift addressed the belly button rumors, so you know that triggered an outcry of responses. I don't know what's funnier: how much T. Swift fans have been dying to see her navel or how hilarious it is that she comments, "I want that to be a mystery." Clearly, Swift knew just what to say to send the world on a frantic race to dig up evidence of a belly button underneath her signature high-waisted skirt.

January 2015

By January, T. Swift stopped all of those Kyle XY rumors dead in their tracks when she took to Instagram to show off her mystery member. There it was, right in our faces! Taylor Swift has a belly button and there is no disputing it. Sadly, there was no piercing nor an adorable tattoo in the near vicinity. Nevertheless, the big reveal was what T. Swift fans had been waiting on for years. There's no way you could have missed the commotion this photo stirred.

June 2015

Guess again if you thought that bikini reveal would be the last time Swift's belly button would make it into the spotlight. Thanks to one fan photo, we've seen Swift's belly plastered all over the Internet. In this photo above, Swift blatantly does what she had been reluctant to do for so long.

But it wasn't long before Reddit photoshopped Taylor Swift's belly button in more ways than one:

Whether fans were loving the photoshop craze and joining in on the fun or Swift haters were annoyed by all of the fuss, one thing remaines universal: T. Swift's belly button was being talked about by lovers and haters alike. As insane as it sounds, I'm a little jealous of all the attention this tiny little hole is getting.