8 Disney Channel Original Movie Music Moments From The Late '90s/Early '00s, Ranked

You’re at a friend’s house for a dinner party. The host has seated you next to someone who you’ve met once before, but haven’t had the chance to get to know. The host is confident you will get along like gangbusters with your seat mate. You trust the host’s judgment, so you happily strike up a conversation with your neighbor at the dinner table. Somehow, your discussion about the host's excellent playlist morphs into a convo about Disney Channel Original Movies, the Disney Channel's original movies. You aren’t upset by this; you love you a DCOM. But before you can settle into the dialogue, it happens: In between mouthfuls of chips and salsa, your table mate declares 2006-2010 the best era of the DCOM. You all but throw your napkin at them. “No offense to any of the great movies from that era, but you’re wrong,” you reply. “Everyone knows the best DCOM years were 1998-2003.”

As confident as your tone is, your seat mate refuses to back down. As the debate continues, can sense your face growing hot. Your hands begin to tense up. You know what you need to do. You know you need to quickly remove yourself from this argument and focus on the plate of enchiladas in front of you. You and your table neighbor do not speak to each other for the rest of the evening. It's for the best.

I’m not a monster, so of course I am a fan of High School Musical (and High School Musical 2), Camp Rock (and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam), Cow Belles (give that work of art a sequel already), and all of the other DCOMs that premiered on the Disney Channel between the years of ’06 and ’10. However, the DCOMs of ’98-’03 are flat-out untouchable. In a league of their own. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, and one of those reasons is the brilliant DCOM music moments.

I did something pretty ambitious this afternoon: not only did I pick the best of the best late '90s/early '00s DCOM music moments, but I also ranked them. Some of the moments feature Disney Channel Original Movie Original Songs, some feature songs that existed before their respective DCOMs. All of the tracks are beautiful. Let's do this.

#8: Get A Clue —"Get A Clue" by Simon & Milo

letsgohawaii on YouTube

Whoa, listening to this is a trip down memory lane. Don't mind me as I purchase a magenta leather jacket and a pair of yellow aviators ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .REASON FOR RANK: Really enjoy this song, but it wouldn't upset me if the music video tossed a dance break into the mix. Always a fan of a dance break. I am who I am.

#7: The Even Stevens Movie — "Dream Vacation" by Christy Carlson Romano

Adam Humpherys on YouTube

Welp, "Dream Vacation" won't be leaving my brain any time soon. Genuinely stoked about it.REASON FOR RANK: Again, really enjoy this song. However, the music video could use more spaghetti.

#6: Brink!—"Come On Brink" by Mark Mason & Rick Allen

Mark Mason on YouTube

UGH love this. It really is a shame I no longer own a pair of rollerblades. I would be so down to throw this track on my iPhone, throw on some headphones, throw on some blades, and listen to "Come On Brink" as I hopped over every curb in my neighborhood. REASON FOR RANK: This song and this video reminded me I do not have a pair of blades at my disposal. Pretty bummed about it.

#5: Smart House"Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" by 5ive

RaiderDawg on YouTube

This movie is rife with excellent music moments, but this one is my favorite. No question. (Smart House honorable mentions: "The House Is Jumpin'" by Chan Andre and "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched.)REASON FOR RANK: WHY IS THIS SCENE SO SHORT? It should be at least five minutes long. What can I say? A scene that depicts someone dancing along with a music video speaks to my heart.

#4: Cadet Kelly — "One Girl Revolution" by Superchick

Jaly92Denmark on YouTube

This drill team dance battle duet performed by two Disney Channel icons (Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano) never gets old.REASON FOR RANK: Part of me has always wished the Duffster and CCR sang while they did the drill team duet. And that wish is the reason why this music moment fell down a few spots.

#3: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century — "Supernova Girl" by Proto Zoa (Phillip Rhys)

MoonLightS27 on YouTube

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FUTURE.REASON FOR RANK: Zetus lupetus, is this song iconic. However, the competition gets pretty gnarly from here on out. It'd take a quartet of sisters who stand together to edge out America Ferrera popping and locking.

#2: Gotta Kick It Up! — "Take U Away" by Chalk 'N' Cheez

iamthecee on YouTube

America Ferrera is a treasure. REASON FOR RANK: Like I said, America Ferrera is a treasure.

#1: Cheetah Girls — "Cheetah Sisters" by the Cheetah Girls

Jalyn661155 on YouTube

"Cheetah Sisters" is the greatest DCOM song of all time and there isn't anything anyone can say that'll convince me otherwise. "Cheetah Sisters" is objectively perfect.REASON FOR RANK: Uh, please see above. If you do not agree, re-read until you do.

Image: Disney Channel