11 Joey Quotes From 'Friends' To Get You Through A Tough Week

When it comes to the core six on Friends, Joey is perhaps the pal that gets the least amount of credit for his brain. Sure, he barely passed high school, has no idea what air quotes are, and routinely relies on Chandler to pay his rent, but that doesn't mean that Joey is dimwitted — his brain just works a little, well, differently than all of ours do. (Maybe it's his diet of pizza and meatball subs — that stuff is proven to change your brain chemistry, right?) Joey's sort of like the 14-year-old kid who somehow got transformed into the body of a 30-something, and is enjoying pretty much every minute of his arrested development. Of course, Joey is more than just 14-going-on-32: while he might not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, he's also exceedingly lovable and somehow capable of giving the wisest tidbits of advice... even if they're often doled out accidentally.

One more reason why Joey is the best? His quotes. You might be surprised at just how useful Joey's quips can be in your every day life. He might not be Aristotle (or even, uh, Drake) but Joey's one liners can get you through pretty much any situation you face during the week. Here are the quotes that were cooked up in Joey's secretly brilliant mind that will help get you through any week:

1. When Someone Asks Why You're On Your Third Pint Of Ben & Jerry's

Because eating your feelings is a lot easier than talking about how your work crush just got back together with his ex.

2. When Your BFF Says She's Shutting Her Etsy Shop Down To Go To Law School

Because you just know that there's a market for edible, vegan makeup.

3. When You Hit The Snooze Button Instead Of The Gym... Again

You burn calories in your sleep, and it's a lot easier than mounting that spin bike for an hour. It's science.

4. When Your Boss Suggests The Company Try A Juice Cleanse

Let's spend all of the money we would have put towards beet juice into a bi-weekly pepperoni-and-sausage pizza party.

5. When Winter Is In Full Swing

Goodbye, sundresses and sandals; hello scarves, parkas, sweaters, mittens, undershirts, double leggings...

6. When Your Friend Is Running Late To Her Own Birthday Party

Because no one will keep you away from cream cheese frosting.

7. When Your Friend With Low Standards Starts Dating Again

No offense, but this is the girl who gave Fedora Steve four chances before he stole her laptop and stopped taking her calls.

8. When Your Friend Is Describing The Meal She Made Last Night

Unless it's going directly your mouth, you do not need to hear about the sauteed kale and pumpkin risotto you made last night, especially when you had a fudge brownie Pop Tart for dinner.

9. When You Finally Get A Text From Your MIA Roommate

In your mind, she was kidnapped by a serial killer on the way back from the bar. In actuality, she's been asleep under her covers for the past four hours and never even left the house.

10. When Someone Asks If You Care About Spoilers

You're one episode behind on Pretty Little Liars and if anyone whispers one word about it there will be hell to pay.

11. When Your Flirting Game Is So On Point

Hey, it worked for Joey. It can work for you.

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