We Need Trudy Campbell On 'Lip Sync Battle' ASAP

As if we needed another reason to love Alison Brie, the Community and Mad Men actress is set to slay on an upcoming episode of Spike's Lip Sync Battle. On Monday, July 6, the mock-singing competition's official YouTube channel posted a preview of Brie packing on the sass for an energizing rendition of Salt-N-Pepa's '90s classic, "Shoop." It only takes 30 seconds to see that Brie came to win, as she nails the performance with some shakes, kicks, and even dips it low in a pair of sky-high stilettos. Fans of the former AMC staple, Mad Men, remember Brie as Pete Campbell's wife, Trudy. Pete made a habit of cheating on Trudy (scoundrel!) for much of the series, until Trudy got wise to his extramarital endeavors and kicked him out of their home. Of course, we now know that Pete repented for his missteps, and — after proper assessment that Pete had, in fact, matured and changed his ways — he and Trudy reconciled in the most adorable way possible by the end of the series.

Outside of her storyline with Pete, Trudy was a standout character/beacon of awesomeness all on her own. Even while being steeped in an upbringing that placed astronomical pertinence on keeping up appearances, Trudy proved herself as a formidable force with her intellect, sass, wit, and cutting assertiveness. After years of Mad Men fandom and just recently witnessing the glorious that was Brie engaging in a lip sync battle, I can't help but wonder what it would look like if said battle had Trudy as a participant.

Just in case you doubt me when I say that Trudy would be a reigning Lip Sync Battle champion, I have compiled a list of reasons that Mrs. Campbell (Trudy, if you're nasty) would positively own any challenger in a mock-singing competition.

She's Got The Moves

Lip syncing is really just about mouthing the words to a song, right? WRONG! You need to pull out all the stops to win an episode of Lip Sync Battle, and this means using some killer choreography.

She's Outspoken

OK, you're not using your actual voice while lip syncing, but what about all the required smack talk between competitors before the battle ensues? Trudy would halt any snarky rejoinders from her competitor with a simple "I will destroy you."

She's Outgoing

There's nothing wrong with being a wallflower, but Lip Sync Battle isn't an arena for the shy or introverted.

She's Hilarious

Although Mad Men was often enveloped by stoicism (hi, Don Draper), the iconic drama managed to pepper each episode with laugh-out-loud moments, even at its most macabre. Trudy's biting wit would make her a perfect match for a lip syncing competition — no one watches Lip Sync Battle without the expectation to laugh.

She's Competitive

When we first meet Trudy, one of the first sentiments uttered about her is, "Trudy always gets what she wants." Indeed, she does! If you plan on becoming victorious on Lip Sync Battle, you have to have the competitive nature to really want that winning title.

She Could Battle Pete

That would be everything ever.

She Has The Best Wardrobe Imaginable

There wouldn't even be a need to order costumes or call on a stylist — Trudy's outfits would trump the competition alone.

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