Lady Gaga's Stylist Brandon Maxwell Will Show At New York Fashion Week, Plus 3 Reasons Why His Debut Collection Will Rock

Lady Gaga sure knows how to pick 'em. After working with one of the most fashionable artists in the world, Gaga's stylist Brandon Maxwell will show at New York Fashion Week in September. His debut ready-to-wear spring 2016 collection will focus on evening and tailored designs, but the budding designer is hopeful that consumers will also appreciate the effort he put into creating the line.

“It’s important that it’s humble and taken seriously,” Maxwell said. “I want women to want to wear the clothes, and I want people to say it was well-made and well thought out.” Maxwell and Gaga, who met through designer Nicola Formichetti, most recently collaborated on the pop star's Cheek to Cheek Tour. He also styled her on Oscar night, where Gaga's red Alaïa gloves made fashion (and Internet) history. Working with such a unique, driven, and outspoken artist as Lady Gaga definitely made a mark on his creative vision, but it seems Maxwell's debut NYFW collection was inspired by more than one special person.

"I'm so excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of design, making clothes inspired by all of the powerful women in my life — from the classic to the avant-garde," he said. In honor of his New York Fashion Week debut, here are three reasons why I'm looking forward to Brandon Maxwell's spring ready-to-wear collection:

The "Wow" Factor

Gaga's worn some outrageous outfits in her career, but she owned the Oscars red carpet with this memeworthy look.

An Eye For Editorial

Maxwell styled Kylie Jenner for Teen Vogue and the result is one badass, Mad Max-meets-Coachella fashion shoot.

He's Karl Lagerfeld-Approved

Mentor Goals. The Chanel designer also photographed Maxwell and Gaga for their Hollywood Reporter cover below:

Image: brandonvmaxwell/Instagram (5)