Shawn B. Found Out Kaitlyn Had Sex

It was clear that after Bachelorette Kaitlyn had sex with Nick Viall, she felt guilty. Not about her choice to have sex, but about its impact on her other relationships. So, I was impressed that Kaitlyn risked her relationship with Shawn B. to tell him the truth about having sex with Nick. She could have easily not told him at all, but she decided honesty was more important than preserving the happy bubble the two were in. But, most surprising of all was Shawn B.'s reaction to Kaitlyn admitting she had sex. Although he certainly wasn't all gung-ho about things, he was pretty polite about respecting her decision.

At first he didn't quite know what to say, he even left the room to gather his thoughts. But, when he came back, there was no shouting or slut shaming. "I appreciate the honesty," he told her upon his return. "Am I upset about it? Yeah, because I told you I was in love with you and you're telling me you spent this extra time with him." Even though Shawn was hurt (and he deserves to be, he is in love with her after all. This Nick stuff has to hurt to hear), he wasn't rude to her about it.

"I don't want to make this about [Nick]," Shawn continued. "At the end of the day I'm here for you and I'm just going to man up and deal with it and move on to tomorrow. I can't be mad ... what am I going to do, storm out of here? No, because I want you." He even told her that all this drama was worth it, because at the end of the day she's worth it.

I think Shawn's reaction was very honest. He wasn't overly angry, but he let her know how he was feeling, which was hurt. That's fair, but it was also good that he made it clear that he still cares about her, no matter what. Now, promos show he and Nick argue later, so he obviously didn't take things perfectly, but I don't blame him. I think, under the circumstances, his reaction was normal and honest, and just further proved that he's a great guy. If Kaitlyn doesn't want him, I'm sure he'll find love in no time.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC