'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 4 Needs These 10 Things In Order To Stay Feminist & Awesome

It truly has been the Year of Amy Schumer. The comedian has her hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, hilarious sketches that have gone viral, and a new movie Trainwreck directed by Judd Apatow that is uproariously funny. (I saw it, and it's amazing.) The Inside Amy Schumer Season 3 finale airs Tuesday night to cap off a wildly successful season for the show and Schumer herself, but this is only just the beginning. With Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 already coming our way (likely next spring), she has nowhere to go but up. The comedian has been able to tackle tough topics like the wage gap, the silly standards men have for the attractiveness of women on TV, and rape, but there's still so much I'd like to see her take on.

In an interview with NPR, Schumer said that her comedy is filled with the subjects she thinks about and questions, like sex, attractiveness, and feminist issues facing women. "I didn't grow up hearing any women really delving into that side of themselves," she told Terry Gross. "So I thought, 'OK, maybe I can be this person for women and for men just to hear the women's perspective in a less apologetic, honest way.'" And it's been a huge success for Schumer — the series won a prestigious Peabody Award this year.

So what else should the award-winning Inside Amy Schumer feature next? Here's where I think the show should go next.

1. Animation

Schumer has voiced a cartoon in a sketch, but what about a sketch that was all animated? Saturday Night Live did it in the 90s, but I think Schumer could take animation to a whole other level on her show. I mean, imagine what she could come up with if she wasn't limited by reality?

2. More Josh Charles

We may have lost him as Will Gardner on The Good Wife, but we've gained him as Schumer's collaborator in a few sketches. Let's see more of him and Amy making awesome comedy together. Charles is hilarious and actually does have comedy roots — he starred in Aaron Sorkin's acclaimed comedy Sports Night in the 90s.

3. Hillary Clinton

I don't think Schumer should straight up spoof the candidate (leave that to SNL), but I'd love to see her take on Clinton's campaign and the issues facing Hills.

4. The 2016 Presidential Election

If you're going to take on Hillary, you've got to include the rest of the 2016 Presidential Election candidates, too. Schumer, who is related to New York senator Chuck Schumer, would have an awesomely unique take on the election and its issues.

5. Kim Kardashian

Schumer has pulled a real-life prank on Kim and Kanye, but what about sketch or two commenting on, well, them being who they are?

6. Female Superheroes

SNL did it earlier this year, but I bet Schumer could comment on the lack of female superhero movies with a hilarious and more socially conscious take.

7. More Relationship Humor

I think one of Schumer's strengths is making light of some hilarious and important relationship issues we don't always want to talk about. She should definitely keep going with that.

8. More Awesome Guest Stars

Bill Nye's cameo was just brilliant, and don't get me started on all the fabulous actors in the "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer" sketch (Jeff Goldblum! Paul Giamatti! A drawing of Blake Shelton!). Schumer knows just how to bring in celeb cameos and guest stars without it being distracting, and it's so great.

9. Marriage Equality

Love won last month! Marriage is now an option for everyone and I wonder what Schumer thinks of it and how it'll affect marriage and relationships in the future.

10. Just Keep Being Awesome Amy

But, really, Schumer just needs to keep being her fantastic, feminist, and hilarious self.

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