How Marissa Cooper Spends Her Summer

It's always summer in Newport Beach on The O.C. Not just because Summer Roberts lived there, or because of the beautiful beaches and weather, but because there was so much drama that Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa never did any schoolwork. I can only imagine that in the realm of The O.C. Marissa Cooper, in her beautiful, dramatic fashion, was the queen of summer — using the breaks between school years to hook up with Ryan, break up with Ryan, and make new friends who were totally bad influences.

On the show, Marissa travelled during the summer, and reconnected with her family members. At one point, she even planned on meeting her dad on a boat in Greece, although, sadly, she never quite made it there. Summer is also a prime time for Marissa to attempt to patch things up with her mother — if only Julie weren't hooking up with either her ex-boyfriends like Luke, her ex-boyfriend's father like Frank Atwood, or her ex-boyfriend's adopted mother's father Caleb (Dammit, Julie!). And, despite the fact that we all know the effect that the summer humidity can have on one's hair, above all, Marissa was very, very good at maintaining the kind of bounce and volume that the rest of us could only dream of.

But that's far from all it takes to make up a true Marissa Cooper summer...

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle