YR Store & Topshop Launch Interactive Design Stations That'll Let You Create Your Dream Clothing Instantly

There's no denying that technology is getting faster, and our demands are speeding right along side it. After their massive success in Topshop and Topman Oxford Circus Flagship, YR Store has finally made their revolutionary digital fashion a reality for sartorially savvy Americans in Topshop's New York City Flagship store on Fifth Avenue. If overnight shipping and same-day pick-up are too slow for your tastes, then this fashion collaboration to land stateside is perfect for your impatient, gotta-have-it-now personality.

Launching July 7, YR Store and Topshop have partnered for a 12-week personalized shopping experience like no other. Much like ordering a sandwich at a convenience store, you queue up to a screen, create your item, and it's instantly printed for you. The speedy process utilizes large-scale digital printers filled with special ink and heat presses to seal the design to the garment — a modern, high-tech version of the iron-on decals of our youth, but with significantly better quality. The long-lasting, non-fading prints can be placed onto T-shirts, crop tops or leggings, essentially giving you the ability to create your own custom-made outfit.

There once was a time where tailor-made items were considered a mark of the elite; frequenting couture houses or having a seamstress on retainer was the quickest way to assure that your wardrobe was personalized to your exact liking. Not anymore.

This creative endeavor is one of the latest in a long list of custom-made fashion brands — these innovative companies are breaking through the fourth wall of fashion by creating a platform that allows the customer to play designer — which not only can be appealing for the consumer, in a "look what I made!" type of mentality, but can also be extremely cost-efficient for all parties involved.

Want to learn more? Keep scrolling to see images of the process, or stop by Topshop on Fifth Avenue any time over the next 12 weeks to experience it in person!

Choosing a design may be tricky when there are so many killer print options.

You can choose a decal and then play around with background designs.

Making changes to your design is extremely simple, no more difficult than using an iPad or similar touch screen.

Make a few finishing touches, and....

Your finished design prints out on a large-scale specialty printer.

Which is then transferred to your garment of choice.

The colors maintain their vibrancy when transferred from paper to fabric.

Don't those look rad? I personally can't wait to test it out.

Images: YR Store x Topshop New York