The Length Of A Man's Finger Reveals His Spending Habits With Women, Plus More Body Parts To Look At To Figure Out What Kind Of Person Your Date Is

On your next date, it might be in your best interest to look at the length of your date's fingers. It seems that the length of a man’s fingers will determine, if he’s picking up the tab that is, whether you can order the lobster or the chicken. According to a new study, if a man’s ring finger is longer than his index finger, then he's likely to spend money on the woman with whom he’s interested. In other words, if that's the case, choose the lobster.

The new study found that exposure to high levels of hormones during fetal development effects finger length. In 2011, a study by Zhengui Zheng and Martin Cohn of Stanford University in California found that the longer the ring finger, especially in regards to the index finger, means that testosterone levels were higher when the person was a fetus. That testosterone creates “masculinized” fingers, making these men more prone to impress their dates through gifts and expensive dinners. These men are also more likely be better looking, invest in more expensive products to do so, hit up the gym often, and are nicer to women, which results in more children than men without such long ring fingers. It’s not only proof of testosterone hard at work, but can definitely give you a heads up as to what you're getting yourself into.

But fingers aren’t the only giveaways when it comes to dating. Here are five other body parts you should be honing in on during your next big date, according to science.

1. Their Legs

According to researchers in Poland, long legs means your date is good looking. Yes, even if you don’t see it, your date, no matter their gender, is super, duper attractive, according to science. People with legs that are five percent longer than the average set of gams are actually the most physically desirable out there, so you may have just landed yourself a catch.

2. Their Head

If your date has a big head, literally not metaphorically, that could be a good sign for the long run. A study by Southampton University found that people with big heads have greater and longer memories, even as they get older.

3. Their Bum

Although it might seem bizarre that somebody’s ass could reveal anything about their personality, but a 2013 study out of Russia found that the bum is the window to the soul, possibly. According to the study, men with muscly behinds will last longer in bed, women with round butts are materialistic, both men and women with wrinkly bums are reliable and calm (what?!), those with “saddlebag” butts are mediocre without a chance of being anything else but that, and women with saggy bums are good wives and mothers. Say what?

4. Their Eyes

A study done in Prague found that men with brown eyes are far more trustworthy than those with blue eyes, while a study out of Pittsburgh found women with blue eyes are less likely to experience depression and overall negative thoughts. Another unrelated study found that those with lighter eyes are more prove to alcohol abuse, which could explain why your blue-eyed date just ordered their fifth drink.

5. Their Nose

In 2010, software was developed to read the personality of people based on their noses. What they found was that those with up-turned noses are optimistic, enthusiastic, and like adventure in the bedroom. Those with Roman noses have strong personalities, those with noses that are hawk-like in shape don’t really care what people think about them, and a short, stubby nose means they’re street-wise, quick with their wit, and are prone to acting before thinking.

Sounds like the person with the up-turned is going to make for one hell of a date.

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