When Does 'Pretty Little Liars' Come Back? Charles & Co. Can't Stay Away For Too Long

Fridays might get all of the attention, but any PLL fan knows that Tuesday nights are actually the best night of the week. However, before you start popping that popcorn and gearing up for another action packed hour with Rosewood's finest, there is something you should know: Pretty Little Liars won't be on this week. Why, you may ask? I too must admit that I find the reasoning behind this brief hiatus rather puzzling. Perhaps the Liars partied too hard during Fourth of July festivities? Or maybe the writers just wanted a little break now that we've reached the halfway point of Season 6A? Either way, though, fans of the series can at least take comfort in knowing that PLL will return next week on July 14 with its latest episode "No Stone Unturned."

But regardless of how temporary our wait might be, a week can seem like an eternity, especially now that we're finally starting to unearth some answers about Charles' past. We know that Lesli Stone knew Bethany and (most likely) Charles during her stay in Radley, so once the Liars are able to track her down, it's only a matter of time until this entire storyline blows wide open and Charles is finally unmasked. So as a way to help keep your patience intact, here are a few ways you can go about spending your time throughout the next seven (excruciating) PLL-less days ahead. I know it sucks, but something tells me the pay-off will make it all well worth it.

Re-Watch Previous Episodes For Clues

You may just surprise yourself and catch something you never even noticed before.

Concoct A Genius PLL Theory

Something so amazing there's no way anyone could ever disprove it. Seriously, you've figured it all out and basically deserve to guest star on the show. IN YOUR FACE, A! *mic drop*

Try To Incorporate PLL Quotes Into Your Everyday Life

And whoever can tell you where the quote came from gets to be your BFF all day. (Bonus points if they can pick out quotes too.)

Listen To Bustle's PLL Podcasts

You are not alone in your quest for answers. The struggle is real!

Purchase That Infamous Yellow Top

Hey, if everyone else is wearing it these days, then why shouldn't you?

Spend Some Time With Your Own BFFs

After all, you probably have your own versions of Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily within your friend group.

Swoon Over Caleb

And, if we're being honest, that's enough to fill up an entire week in and of itself.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (6)