9 Unicorn Inspired Nail Art Accessories To Make Your Life A Little More Magical

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Unicorns are one of the magical creatures of the moment right now; they're ranking high among mermaids and witches with vampires slowly losing popularity. If you adore unicorns or see yourself as a real life unicorn in human form, then why not decorate your nails (or hooves) with unicorn inspired nail polish and nail art?

People from all over the world are unleashing their inner magical horses and channelling unicorns left, right, and center. Rainbow hair has made a huge comeback possibly due to the re–popularization of My Little Pony and people have been rocking rainbow tresses like Katy Perry.

So whether your favorite unicorn be Lady Rainicorn or Lady Amalthea, get your nails in tip top (or clip clop) unicorn shape for summer.

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