6 Reactions Melissa McCarthy & Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Costume Will Evoke In Every Fan, From Initial Glee To Overwhelming Excitement

Every little bit of information that leaks about the new Ghostbusters film is like a tiny, little Christmas day to those of us who love the entertainment industry. First it was photos of Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy on set. Then it was the leaked photos of the cast's ghost-busting suits and now we have a photo of Melissa McCarthy wearing her Ghostbusters suit! Oh, hallowed day. A deluge of thoughts ran through my head when I first saw my girl Melissa McCarthy in her ghost-busting garb and, if you're like me, you probably had a series of reactions similar to mine.

The wait for the Ghostbusters reboot literally (and by literally, I mean figuratively) might kill me. The wait for movies definitely wasn't this excruciating when I was a kid. You'd see a preview on your VHS of The Little Mermaid, you'd watch The Little Mermaid a cool four hundred times a month, and then, BAM, before you knew it, that cool movie Toy Story would come out.

These days, with the 'always on' nature of the internet and social media, waiting for a movie to come out is like, the most tease-filled process ever. You get, like, one exciting snippet of information and then you're left begging for more until, finally, three years later, the film finally comes out.

I want Ghostbusters and I want it now! Until that time comes though, I guess I'll just have to settle for this photo of Melissa McCarthy in her Ghostbusters suit which will undoubtedly make you go through these 6 phases of excitement.

1. Sheer, Unadulterated Joy

Cue my panting and sighing in delight, as well as a little joyful dance around my room.

2. Humming the Ghostbusters Theme Song To Yourself

I would be careful with this one because once it's in your head, it will be there literally (figuratively) forever.

3. Planning Your Halloween Costume Based Solely Off of This Photo

I once was the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man for Halloween in college (complete with the inflatable suit) and it was nothing short of epic. Perhaps I will have to follow that up with being an actual Ghostbuster this year.

4. Gearing Up to Get Into Twitter Feuds With Any Haters Who Mention Melissa McCarthy's Weight

Join me in my ongoing battle against the ignorant Twitter trolls.

5. Watching Melissa McCarthy YouTube Videos To Prep Yourself For the Hilarity That Will Ensue In Ghostbusters

Seriously. Watch the outtakes from This Is 40. You can thank me later with your slow-blinking eyelids.

6. Writing An Article About How Filled With Glee This Photo Makes You

What? No? Just me?

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