These Shark GIFs Will Prepare You For Shark Week

Calm down, everyone! Yes, Shark Week is upon us once again and, yes, the aquatic animal is probably a little terrifying. But honestly, for every scary shark tale, there's an opposing argument that claims the animals are actually kind sweet. Need proof? You're in luck: I just so happened to gather the cutest shark GIFs the web has to offer to prove that these animals are not so intimidating after all.

Sharks are an integral part of pop culture. Not only is there an entire week devoted to celebrating their existence (from a respectful distance, of course), but there's been whole movies surrounding the man versus shark battle. (Yes, Jaws, I'm looking at you.) Sharks have never been more relevant to the world than in 2015, when there is not one but two whole Sharknado movies and the term "sharknado" is an accepted word. Additonally, Katy Perry made the animal straight-up trendy with the famous dancing Left Shark in her Super Bowl performance.

Yes, it's a good time to be a shark. However, even with Perry's idyllic portrayal of the animal, they still get a bad rap. (I can't imagine why.) Conquer your fear of Shark Week by checking out these seven adorable GIFs of the carnivorous creature.

This Roomba Shark

I can't imagine why the bird is so scared! That thing is adorable.

This Pug Shark

See? Not so scary!

Left Shark

The greatest shark of the modern era? (Yes.)

Bruce From Finding Nemo

Proof that our thoughts on sharks are all wrong!

This Animated Shark

Positively precious!

This Inflatable Shark

That cat shouldn't have been sniffing around the popsicles anyway.

The Sharks From Shark Tale

Okay, so maybe they're a little scary. But that's just the Godfather impersonations talking.

Images: Giphy (7)