Celebrities Might Be Helping ASOS Sales Increase

Zara, you better watch out for ASOS because this British fashion retail site is rising up the sale charts. Just within the past four months, ASOS increased their US sales by 31%. I doubt it was solely from celebrities like Taylor Swift and Bella Thorne wearing the brand, but I'm sure it was partly from the exposure that these stars gave them.

Normally when celebs are spotted doing their daily routines and errands, all the fans and fashionistas are always curious about what they're wearing in order to cop some similar, more affordable styles. However, ASOS has significantly lowered their prices ever since the retailer temporarily sacrificed its profits to produce more affordable clothes. So when celebrities are wearing ASOS, fans can easily purchase the same outfit, thus increasing their sales in the US.

This past Fourth of July, Swift was wearing a cute plaid two-piece bikini, which was totally affordable and a couple weeks ago, Thorne's ASOS romper was also found to be reasonably priced as well. And today, ASOS announced that their sales have increased in the US as well as in Europe — by 37% to be exact. And specifically, France and Germany are showing a great push in sales and hopefully other parts of Europe will begin to pick up as well.

There are also so many other celebs who also have been rocking ASOS.

Popular fashion and food blogger, Jeanne Grey was rocking ASOS from head to toe.

Chiara Ferragni rockin' a body suit.

Creative director of Are You Ami, Rumi Neely showing some ASOS love.

Images: asos/Instagram (3)